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Martin "Custom" Dreadnought
This is a very affordable mid grade Martin Dreadnaught with a Custom designation on the inside block. A bit road worn, but still is a great player and an excellent addition to any player's collection looking to fill the Martin need with out spending a small fortune. Rosewood back and sides with a solid spruce top! Comes with HSC.
Price: $499
Stock# 4326

1948 Martin 0-15
Great little Martin! All Mahogany and sounds crisp and dry. Ideal guitar for songwriting and recording in very nice condition. These little gems are really getting harder and harder find in good condition and this one has it all is spades! Comes with hard case.
Price: $3200
Stock# 4373

1941 Martin 0-17
This one could almost be mistaken for a new guitar. It's that clean. This is a great guitar for the Martin enthusiast, or serious collector of prime examples of vintage instruments. Sounds is nice and dry with a smooth top end that is really inspiring. Despite it's looks it does sound played in, but obviously it was played carefully and treasured.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4384

1943 Martin 0-18
What a treat it is to sit and play this guitar. Pre war, good condition Martin. Big sound from a small box with this one, very rich sounding and the playability is spectacular.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2838

1956 Martin 0-18
Very nice condition O-18. HAs some honest playwear but nothing substantial to mention. This one is all there with a dry, articulate sound that only old man time can bestow upon a truly glorious box. Comes with an aftermarket HSC.
Price: $2950
Stock# 4356

1928 Martin 0-28K
Gorgeous, all original pre war Martin 0-28 with a solid Koa top and solid Koa back and sides. Recent neck reset and the bridge was reglued, so this one is ready to go for another 88 years! Call for an in hand description and price.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3693

2016 Martin 00-17 Black Smoke
A solid Sitka spruce top and Mahogany back and sides are the foundation for this sloped shoulder Grand Concert model. The grained ivoroid binding and pickguard are beautiful against the satin black smoke finish. A modern straightline rosewood bridge and a modified low oval neck with Performing Artist taper complete the 00L-17 Black Smoke.
Price: $1859
Stock# 3579

2016 Martin 00-17S Black Smoke
A Grand Concert addition to the 17 Series, this model features a beautiful satin black smoke finish with contrasting grained ivoroid binding. Despite its small size, this guitar projects and resonates beautifully. The model is constructed with a Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and a rosewood fingerboard and bridge.
Price: $1859
Stock# 3616

2015 Martin 000-15 M
Brand New! Mahogany Top, Mahogany Back and Sides, Mahogany Neck, and Rosewood Fingerboard - Natural
Price: $1249
Stock# 3212

2015 Martin 000-15SM
Brand new, solid Mahogany back, sides and top. Very nice open sounding instrument with a decidedly old school vibe. Comes with the Martin Hard Case.
Price: $1449
Stock# 3391

2016 Martin 000-17 Black Smoke
A satin black smoke finish offset with grained ivoroid binding and pickguard show off the understated beauty of this guitar. It is crafted with a solid Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides for a comforting, warm tone. The rosewood fingerboard and bridge pop against the rich, black satin finish. The comfortable body size and modified low oval neck with a Performing Artist taper make this guitar easy to play. Comes with HSC.
Price: $1859
Stock# 3667

1936 Martin 000-18
Very clean, all original 000-18 from one of the most desirable years. Pre war, original case and essentially untouched from a repair perspective. The only "issue" here is a tiny beginning of a stress crack from the pickguard pulling and the hint of a seam separation on the top, but for this old, it would be very difficult to find a nicer example. Please call for a detailed in hand description of this wonderful instrument.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4322

1939 Martin 000-18
This is an incredible pre war instrument. It has had some normal repair work done, but overall retains all the vibe and magic that these guitars are prized for. Replacement bridge, neck reset, new frets, and some touch up work around the bridge on the top. Some fretboard markers have also been tastefully added. Outstanding guitar. Please call for an in hand description.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4184

1947 Martin 000-18
Overall good condition with a nice patina. Huge sound with that classic dry and articulate sound. Neck is a welcoming profile that is big but not overpoweringly so. Recent neck reset. Comes with a hardshell case. Call for an in hand description.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3992

1960 Martin 000-18
Very nice example of a vintage Martin 000-18. Fantastic neck with a nice meaty profile with a hint of a V. Sparkling high end with a woody low end and posses the "dry" sound that is so coveted in old Martins. Tuners have been replaced and comes with an old case.
Price: $3299
Stock# 3927

2016 Martin 000-18
Carrying a distinct vintage-inspired design and updated like the D-18 a few years ago, the redesigned 000-18 offers many of the features found in our pre-war era guitars. The 000-18, which has a beautiful aging toned top in Sitka spruce, is married with genuine mahogany back and sides. The body is edged with tortoise binding and complemented with a polished finish. The 24.9” short scale model’s neck features a modified low oval profile with Performing Artist taper, with a width of 1-3/4” at the nut and 2-3/16” string spacing for easy playability. Nickel open-geared tuners with butterbean knobs are found with a rosewood headplate, which displays a large old style Martin logo.
Price: $2459
Stock# 3583

2009 Martin 000-18 S Golden Era
Excellent plus condition Golden Era 000-18 12 fret slot head guitar! This one was a custom order and has all the bells and whistles that you'd expect from a Golden Era Martin. The sound is phenomenal with an articulate nuance and exceptional balance. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3495
Stock# 4335

1937 Martin 000-28
Very good condition, all original, sound and feel live up to the hype. Call for in hand description and price.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3728

2015 Martin 000-28EC
Brand new Eric Clapton signature model 000-28. Very comfy V profile on this one. Of course it has it's case!
Price: $3749
Stock# 3485

Martin 000-42
Gorgeous, brand new, fancy as hell! Bell like tones, warm and rich sound. Call for details!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3465

2016 Martin 00L-17 Whiskey Sunset
Great brand new all Mahogany Martin 00L-17 12 fret guitar. Crisp singing high end with noticeable bass presence. This brand series is very popular and really making their mark! Come on down and strum it up. Comes with Martin hard case.
Price: $1859
Stock# 3758

2016 Martin 10OMC-18E
The OMC-18E acoustic-electric cutaway model is crafted with a solid Sitka spruce top, genuine mahogany back and sides and solid black ebony fingerboard and bridge. Tortoise color binding and matching pickguard are also featured on this model. Fishman® Aura® VT Enhance™ electronics make this guitar everything you’ve ever wanted from a Martin and more. The Aura® VT electronics system provides you, the player, with added dimensions to customize your sound creating the ultimate Martin guitar experience.
Price: $3059
Stock# 3582

2010 Martin Authentic 1937 D-18
Here to remind you why you fell in love with Martin in the first place, the Authentics are constructed the old way - with hide glue, throughout, and historically-accurate detailing confirmed by using a CAT scan machine located at the Smithsonian Institute. Based on a 1937 D-18 in the Martin museum, this guitar features genuine mahogany back and sides, an Adirondack spruce top, using an authentic circa 1937 bracing pattern. Period-correct "18" Authentic-style appointments, with an Authentic neck barrel and heel, complete this piece.
Price: $4899
Stock# 3964

2015 Martin Backpacker
Brand new, comes with bag. The original travel acoustic!
Price: $199
Stock# 3395

2016 Martin CEO-7
Reminiscent of models from the “Golden Era”, the CEO-7 features a sunburst finish, golden age tuners and authentic headplate lettering. This new 14-fret short scale 00 “sloped shoulder” model features a solid Adirondack spruce top with solid mahogany back and sides for complex tonality.
Price: $2629
Stock# 3858

2015 Martin Custom Style 5 Terz
Brand new, all-solid Mahogany Style 5 "Terz" guitar from Martin Custom. Great for standard tuning, but these really shine for G to G! A real joy to play and they make fantastic couch guitars! Comes with the original HSC. VERY limited quantities available.
Price: $1799
Stock# 3384

2001 Martin D-12-28
Very good condition 12 string D-28. All the clarity and richness you'd expect from a Martin with the extra warmth imparted from the rosewood back and sides. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1895
Stock# 3776

2015 Martin D-15M
Brand new, dreadnaught Mahogany top, back and sides. Comes with Martin hard case.
Price: $1249
Stock# 3389

1946 Martin D-18
Very good condition,recent neck set,exact repro bridge,newer case.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 1811

1960 Martin D-18
Good condition, nice and dry, very articulate sounding guitar with a hugeness to the sound that needs to be heard to be full appreciated. A definite one strum head-turner. Comes with case.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2839

1965 Martin D-18
Good condition, just gone through and set up. This one is dry with really incredible note separation. Action is low and this guitar is great with a lighter touch. Very easy to play and very responsive. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3995
Stock# 3553

1970 Martin D-18
Wow! Player's grade city. Neck heel has been repaired all top cracks are taken care of. This one is missing the pickguard but once you get past the checkered aesthetics, this is one helluva instrument! Dry, rich articulate sound that responds well to strumming and finger picking alike. A truly inspiring tone with a fantastic, played in neck profile that will inspire hours of playing. And it comes with a case!
Price: $1695
Stock# 4329

2015 Martin D-18
Near new condition D-18. This is the classic model that has come to define the sound of an acoustic guitar. Mahogany back and sides with Sitka top, gloss finish and understated appointments make this the definition of class. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2099
Stock# 4336

1949 Martin D-28
Gorgeous, all original in excellent condition. Neck has been reset. Please call for an in hand description and price.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3673

1960 Martin D-28
Impeccably clean, museum quality example of a D-28. Nothing to note on this guitar with the exception of how fundamentally pristine it is. Sounds fantastic as well. Beautiful Brazilian back and sides. Please call for price.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4082

1983 Martin D-28
Great sounding D-28. Nice uniform checking and great patina. From the 150th Anniversary year. Great sounding box!
Price: $2450
Stock# 3179

1974 Martin D-35
Very good condition, recently set up and gone through by our luthier. Great ringing tone, deep bass response and nice articulation. OHSC
Price: $2500
Stock# 3443

1975 Martin D-35
Good condition, this one has seen a lot of bars, campfires and ho-downs in it's day. Some small issues like the binding on the treble side of the body slightly coming off, but once you hear this guitar you'll be a believer. Super loud, and dry, complex tonality. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2250
Stock# 3246

1969 Martin D-35 S
The last of the Brazilian era! This gorgeous, and excellent condition example of the venerable D-35 features a slot head and 12 fret body configuration. It's a glorious sound that this magnificent intrument produces rich, articulate harmonic content that sits equally well strummed or finger picked. Bridge is a spot on replacement perfectly executed in every way. Other than that this is in near museum condition with a hard case.
Price: $5995
Stock# 4325

2013 Martin D-45 Custom Shop
Here it is! Martin's top of the line flagship acoustic, in all of it's wondrous glory! Italian Spruce top with Madagascar Rosewood back and sides. Excellent plus condition, it pretty much looks brand spanking new! Huge detailed sound with crisp highs and a warm bass response. Of course it has the original Martin case.
Price: $8400
Stock# 4253

2011 Martin DCPA1
Highly appointed and rich, warm and articulate sounding, thing cutaway dread is sporting Madagascar Rosewood back and sides with a Spruce top. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3599
Stock# 3488

2015 Martin DCPA4 Rosewood
Brand new with hard shell case and solid spruce top with a solid rosewood back and sides. Sounds amazing!
Price: $1549
Stock# 3225

2015 Martin DCPA5
Brand new! 6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar with Solid Spruce Top, High Pressure Laminate Back and Sides, and Fishman F1 Analog Electronics System - Natural
Price: $699
Stock# 3208

2015 Martin GPCPA4
Brand new! 6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar with Solid Spruce Top, Sapele Back and Sides, Richlite Fingerboard, and Fishman Electronics - Natural Polished Gloss
Price: $1349
Stock# 3209

2015 Martin GPCPA5
Brand new! 6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar with Solid Spruce Top, Mahogany Back and Sides, Richlite Fingerboard, and Fishman Electronics
Price: $699
Stock# 3207

2008 Martin HD-28
Moderate play wear, very nicely grained Rosewood back and sides. Has original case and anniversary year stamped into the inside of the guitar. Great deal on a very nice HD!
Price: $1895
Stock# 3492

2011 Martin HD-28MP
Great playing HD-28 featuring Madagascar Rosewood back and sides, and the Performing Artist neck profile makes this a great choice for the modern player. Rich lows and a clear mid-range. Includes OHSC.
Price: $2995
Stock# 3363

2015 Martin LX1-E
Brand new! Small sized guitar perfect for on the road or the beginning guitarist. Comes with a pick up system to plug in and gig out! Comes with bag.
Price: $399
Stock# 3394

Martin OM-18V
Great sounding OM model with a a very warm bass response and a great, present mid to high end range. Low action with exception feel. Overall excellent condition. Comes with HSC.
Price: $2699
Stock# 4334

2015 Gibson 1930's L-00 Classic
This wonderfully built Custom Shop creation really captures the spirit of this extraordinary Gibson original. Very lightly built and highly resonant guitar. Plays effortlessly and sounds big and harmonically complex. Comes with COA and OHSC. Like new condition!
Price: $2500
Stock# 4310

1966 Gibson B-25 12
Nice condition and great sounding Gibson 12 string. Rings out clear and true, actually stays in tune pretty nicely as well. Very rich, articulate B-25 here.
Price: $1299
Stock# 3739

1964 Gibson B-25 N
Nice condition cool little Gibson B-25. Nice feeling neck with the good nut width and a warm, open sound. Excellent for recording, performing or sitting around the house. Natural top and adjustable ceramic bridge. Great way to get into a wonderful vintage Gibson and not break the bank!
Price: $1695
Stock# 4206

1989 Gibson Chet Atkins SST
Very nice condition 80's Chet Atkins SST. Great live acoustic style sounds or just straddling the world between electric and acoustic. Overall a very versatile guitar with easy action and the OHSC.
Price: $1200
Stock# 4175

1997 Gibson CL-35
This is a great playing workhorse of a guitar. Cutaway with a pickup, rosewood back and sides with Sitka top, and a handsome and tasteful abalone trim and multiply binding. Rich and warm sounding with lice, low action. Comes with non original hard case.
Price: $1299
Stock# 4386

1964 Gibson Country Western
Dry and pronounced sound with a rich bottom end and good articulation. A very open sounding guitar and in good shape. The neck is a medium/slim profile with a great feel, and of course a 1 11/16" nut width. Comes with HSC.
Price: $3495
Stock# 3857

2014 Gibson Custom J-185 Birdseye
This is one purtty guitar! This highly appointed Gibson Custom J-185 is a richly festooned take on one of the most sought after models in the pantheon of Gibson's storied history. First and foremost let's look at the highly figured birdseye maple back and sides. It's breathtaking and a cool departure from the played out flamed or quilted maple that are always out there. Then the abalone binding appointments, the southwestern inspired backstripe with torquoise inlays, and the finally the wonderfully shaped medium C profile on the neck. Comes with OHSC. Oh, and it sounds GREAT.
Price: $3495
Stock# 4345

1975 Gibson Ebony Dove
Great condition, very cool model with the lesser seen Ebony finish. This is a wonderful sounding Maple bodied guitar from a somewhat spotty era in the Gibson timeline. This example, however, is great. Squishy compression for a micro second on the attack followed by lush, bell like clarity. Comes with HSC.
Price: $2295
Stock# 3955

2015 Gibson Ebony Dove
Brand new, never customer sold Custom Shop Dove. Comes with all paperwork and OHSC. Guitar is in immaculate condition and sounds phenomenal.
Price: $3299
Stock# 3860

2001 Gibson Emmilou Harris
Beautiful sunburst finish Emmilou Harris small size J-200. Excellent condition, rings out clearly over entire fretboard, and sounds very clear and rich. Nice top end articulation. Comes with upgraded Cedar Creek Case.
Price: $2995
Stock# 4225

1964 Gibson F-25 Folksinger
Incredibly clean, collector's grade F-25 with the wide nut width of a classical (2") and a slim neck profile. This 12 fret sounds incredible and, as we often say here, are the best kept secret of the Gibson acoustic line from the 60's. They are consistently great, not just good. This one is no exception and it's near pristine condition makes it that much more desirable. Comes with OSSC.
Price: $1599
Stock# 4233

1940 Gibson HG-00
All original, very good condition, very rare. This one is a Hawaiian model but without the square neck. Appears to be a factory special order. Call for more details and an in hand description.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3604

1937 Gibson HG-C Century of Progress
Very cool and rare Century of Progress model. HG stands for "Hawaiian Guitar" and this one is set up for slide, but because the neck is rounded, the saddle could be replaced or lowered making is a great strummer. Has some overspray on the top and has had a crack repaired on the top from pickguard shrinkage. Looks great and is ready to go. Comes with case.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3620

1963 Gibson Hummingbird
Natural finish Hummingbird with a phenomenal neck profile. Medium C shape with a glorious shoulder and 1 11/16" nut width. Sound is very balanced with a beautiful crispy high end and a tight, focused and present bass response. The guitar has had the bridge replaced with a exact duplicate size handcrafted Madagascar Rosewood.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3754

1965 Gibson Hummingbird
Very clean, great sounding Hummingbird. First year for the slim nut and it plays nice and fast. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $6295
Stock# 3551

1965 Gibson Hummingbird
Excellent condition Hummingbird in a natural finish. The sound is very vibrant and airy with a delicate mid to high end range and a bouncy, pleasant bass response. Neck is a nice profile with the 1 9/16" nut width. This is an exciting example of a mid 60's Hummingbird great for both the player and the collector.
Price: $4650
Stock# 3944

1966 Gibson Hummingbird
This guitar has certainly been played. Lots of cool wear and mojo on this one. Some darkening of the finish and lots of checking, a repaired top crack that is totally stable. Neck is a slim feeling one at the nut and sporting a medium profile that beefs up nicely around the 5th fret. Even playing guitar with a huge low end presence while maintaining a sparkly high end. Sounds great. Comes with case.
Price: $2695
Stock# 4085

1967 Gibson Hummingbird
Very nice sounding Hummingbird, call for more details. Action is good and this one plays very easy. Cherry sunburst with a hardshell case.
Price: $2995
Stock# 3597

1968 Gibson Hummingbird
Very good condition later 60's Hummingbird with OHSC. Sound is good. Nice midrange punch while still maintaining a strong, defined high end and a noticeably strong low end voice. An excellent strummer that looks as good as it sounds.
Price: $3995
Stock# 3543

1956 Gibson J-160E
Super clean, very collectible example of this iconic guitar. All original, nice 50's neck profile that feels like a long lost friend as soon as you pick it up. Sounds absolutely wonderful plugged in. With a few strums you'll know why this model guitar appeared on practically every Beatle recording. Comes with the original brown Lifton case, also in collector grade condition.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3645

2003 Gibson J-185
This guitar plays great and looks like a dream. One of the handsomest guitars Gibson ever designed, this one does not disappoint aesthetically or sonically. Deep bass augmented by a rich midrange and nice bright top end. Maple back and sides react the way you might expect with a touch of compression on the attack. Comes with OHSC, excellent condition.
Price: $2699
Stock# 4222

2004 Gibson J-185-12
Very good condition, maple back and sides, with spruce top. There is a crack in the top that is stable and not an issue. Nice, balanced sound that fills a room without losing subtle articulation in arpeggiated chords. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1599
Stock# 3489

1957 Gibson J-200
This one was someone's Trigger, the Sundance Kid to their Butch Cassidy, the Robin to their Batman, the, well, you get the idea. This was someone's number 1 player, and it looks the part. Well worn in, tell tale spots where the finish is completely rubbed off, lacquer cracks, dings, dents and scratches, but one strum and you get it. This sounds so warm, so articulate, so dry and so perfect. Not every J-200 is great, but this one is exceptional, and it's waiting for a new best friend.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3025

1984 Gibson J-30
Dread-style Gibson in a very handsome black finish with the OHSC. Sounds great and is a very attractive price for a Gibson guitar that has 32 years of playing on it!
Price: $1395
Stock# 3861

1939 Gibson J-35
Very good condition J-35. Fantastic V shaped neck on this wonderful old Gibson flat top. Sound is absolutely the crispest, purest sound you're likely to find and impossible to get on anything but the finest vintage instruments. Please call for price and in hand description.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3965

1941 Gibson J-35
All original with a brand spanking new neck reset and sunburst finish.Script Gibson logo on the headstock, big neck that feels awesome. Ok, so let's break this one down. This is best playing, sounding and responding Gibson in the shop. If you play this it will haunt you. It's that good. Sounds incredible fingerpicked with tons of nuance and expressiveness, then when you dig in, it stays right with you, doesn't give in or sputter out. It actually gets better. Tonal response is incredible. This is truly a pleasure to play. Please call for an in hand description.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4302

1944 Gibson J-45
Where to start? Dry, airy, wonderful. This guitar is in great condition for it's age. Neck is big, but not cumbersome, rather it feels like a welcoming old friend. Stories to tell, history to be felt, songs to be written. 4 piece spruce top with a mahogany neck block position this one most likely as a '44 but could be a '45. Call in for more details.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3960

1956 Gibson J-45
Extremely clean condition of this exceptionally voiced J-45. This guitar is exhibting very light weather checking and that is pretty much the end of the story. The neck is a medium chunky C shape that is easy to play and really nice. It's a neck that begs the question why can't they all be like this? Sound is balanced with a strong midrange and great articulation. Comes with a hard case.
Price: $5799
Stock# 4361

1958 Gibson J-45
Very good condition, all original, woody, mid range-y sound. Adjustable bridge. Chunky neck profile that is big without being clunky. Probably one of the best profiles we've ever had in on a 50's J-45. Super cool guitar.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3949

1962 Gibson J-45
Very good condition on this J-45. Cherry sunburst is extremely vibrant. Sound is excellent. Text book J-45 sound with a hint of top end sparkle that really makes this one sound special. Comes with original chip case.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3848

2015 Gibson J-45
Great sounding newer J-45 with OHSC. This one sounds great with a nice compression and a wide open sound. Nothing sounds choked about this rich and beautiful acoustic. All original, no issues.
Price: $1899
Stock# 4319

2010 Gibson J-45 Custom
Gorgeously appointed with rosewood back and sides, abalone rosette, with vine inlay on headstock and herringbone on the top. Ebony fretboard imparts a snap and presence to this guitar not normally heard on your typical J-45. Truly a piece of playable art. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2650
Stock# 4304

2011 Gibson J-45 Ebony
Like new condition (Ebony finish) with pickup and hardshell case.
Price: $2250
Stock# 2027

2002 Gibson J-50
Excellent sounding newer Gibson J-50 with Fishman pickup and Gibson hardshell case! Good conditon! Its the Iconic Gibson sound your looking for in a slope shoulder flat top.
Price: $2250
Stock# 3930

2013 Gibson Jackson Brown Model 1
Based on the classic 1930s Jumbo body style, with elements of the rare and legendary Roy Smeck model at Browne's request—a guitar known for its powerful sound and rich tonal quality—the Jackson Browne Model has an increased body depth for enhanced resonance and projection, upgraded tonewoods throughout, including an eco-friendly English Walnut back and sides, and a 12th fret neck/body joint to optimize it to fingerstyle performance. All this, and it looks superb in a custom Vintage Sunburst finish in hand-sprayed nitrocellulose lacquer, with elegant appointments to complement its exclusive design. Comes with OHSC, and in excellent, near new condition.
Price: $3750
Stock# 4166

2010 Gibson John Hiatt Signature
One of only 100 produced, this gorgeous Gibson is handcrafted to the specs of renowned tunesmith, John Hiatt's specs. J-45 body style with a modified V neck profile, belly up bridge, Fishman Ellipse MArtrix pickup system, Nitro finish and pre war appointments. Scalloped advanced X bracing and slightly wider nut width make this one very special. Excellent sound and feel.
Price: $2550
Stock# 4223

1938 Gibson L-00
Fantastic condition pre war Gibson L-00 in a sunburst finish. This guitar is something absolutely special. Very big, dry, woody, complex, articulate, you name it, this one has it. Truly an exceptional instrument. All there. No surprises. With non original hard case.
Price: $4500
Stock# 4351

1991 Gibson L-00
Very nice condition and relatively under the radar reissue from the early 90's. The L-00 is easily one of Gibson's finest every acoustics and it's nice to see this model get a nice treatment decades later. Nice big sound from this small body beauty with plenty of low end to go around. Very fun and ergonomical to play. Comes with OHSC>
Price: $1499
Stock# 4180

1928 Gibson L-1
Great condition and sound on this little L-1! Small bridge would likely date this to 1928/9. Dry, big sound out of this wonderful guitar. This one has been completely gone through and had two hole on the bridge filled as well as a couple on the headstock . Also has had a pro neck reset and is ready for another 80 odd years of play! Comes with chip case.
Price: $3200
Stock# 4049

1939 Gibson L-37
Great sounding archtop, great condition, 14 3/4" size, adjustable bridge, all original, script logo.
Price: $1695
Stock# 3317

1943 Gibson L-50
Very clean Banner era Gibson L-50 archtop guitar. Big, beefy neck profile that feels absolutely fantastic, with a deep warm resonance and a really nice, cutting chunk to it. Low action and rings out across all the frets. An ideal old school jazzbox in collector grade condition!
Price: $2995
Stock# 4249

1943 Gibson L-50
Super clean, big sound with a woody complex character that really allow lead playing and chord melody to shine. Also has a great voice with a good cut to it. Comes with a case, oh and it's a banner logo!
Price: $2999
Stock# 4307

1946 Gibson L-50
Vintage L-50 Archtop with trapezoid inlays. In nice condition with an outstanding neck profile that has some girth and chunk. Really neat guitar to have around the house or as a trusted writing partner. Comes with HSC
Price: $1550
Stock# 4363

1944 Gibson L-7
Wow! This gorgeous war time archtop is stunning. Excellent condition with a very rich voice. Low action and an absolute joy to play. You won't want to put this down. Perfect medium neck profile, split parallelogram inlays, inlaid script Gibson logo and a stinger!! One of the nicest vintage archtops you're likely to come across. Only non original feature are the tuners.
Price: $2995
Stock# 4308

2010 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Stolen,Stolen,Stolen One pickup Custom from the Custom Shop. Serial number #701290. If you see this give us a call 512 428 9100. Thanks.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 1498

1957 Gibson LG-1
Nice condition LG-1. Bright and lively sounding box with great action. A nice porch guitar or the perfect instrument to keep hand in the living room or the studio.
Price: $1895
Stock# 3234

1943 Gibson LG-2
This is an early LG-2 with a very nice, larger neck profile that has just had the neck reset and a new bone saddle installed. Playability is outstanding, tone is dry and articulate. Finish shows a lot of wear and has come completely off in certain places, it has been played, a lot. And it sounds like it. Extremely wide open and wonderful sounding. A good example of why these little Gibsons have gained such an incredible reputation.
Price: $4495
Stock# 4059

1958 Gibson LG-2 3/4
Pretty darn clean, and really fun little gem from Gibson. This LG-2 3/4 actually sounds great and for it's size, its a monster. Really an inspiring little guitar and would be an ideal songwriting tool or a guitar to keep in reach at all times. So nifty and old too! 1958, but you'd never know it from looking at that factory fresh shine it's got! Comes with non original chip case.
Price: $2650
Stock# 4385

1949 Gibson LG-3
Very good condition, and special sounding Gibson. Chunky neck, natural finish, and OSSC.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2840

1949 Gibson LG-3
Excellent condition, all original with the original chip case. Nice action with plenty of saddle on the bridge. Sound is bright with a warm bottom end and a nice articulation without losing power for strummed chords. Great medium chunky neck profile.
Price: $4500
Stock# 4050

1949 Gibson LG-3
This LG-3 has been played, and played, and...played. But all the wear and patina on this well loved guitar make it all the cooler and it has a rich, warm and articulate voice.
Price: $2750
Stock# 4362

1928 Gibson Nick Lucas
This guitar is certainly a game changer for anyone who's played it. You won't be the same again. Gibson first signature model in nice condition. Does have an ancient headstock repair that our luthiers have looked at and have deemed "rock solid". Action is super spring-y, it is a joyus even to pluck the strings of this fine instrument. The tone is unworldly, rich, vibrant, huge, and stunningly articulate. Call for an in hand description.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3502

1941 Gibson Recording King Jumbo
This Gibson made Recording King branded Jumbo sized guitar was originally manufactured for sale in Montgomery Ward department stores. This gorgeous beast is what the new Waterloo Collings guitars are based off of. This original feature Rosewood back and sides and a huge V neck. The sound is rich and dry and rife with harmonic content. Truly a glorious instrument and a fine piece of Gibson history. Comes with case.
Price: $4900
Stock# 4372

2014 Gibson SJ-200 Standard
Very near new condition SJ-200 in a gorgeous sunburst finish. One small ding on the side bottom and that's it. Great sound, classic J-200 sound with great fit and finish. Comes with original case.
Price: $3399
Stock# 3941

2010 Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC
Great guitar for covering all the bases. Cutaway body style gives you excellent access to the higher frets, Rosewood back and sides produces a rich, complex sound and the pick up system makes this an ideal performing instrument. On top of all that it looks great! Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1699
Stock# 3957

1964 Gibson Southern Jumbo
Excellent condition 64 SJ with a very rich and vibrant original dark sunburst finish. The neck is very inspiring on this particular example. It is slim and wide and invites hours of playing. Sound is nice and snappy with a really round bass and a nice crisp upper range. Comes with case.
Price: $3895
Stock# 4357

1965 Gibson Southern Jumbo
Nicely played in, but still in good condition. One top crack that has been repaired and is totally solid. Transitional 1 5/8" nut width, slim feeling neck makes playing a breeze. A very big and open sound on this one. Comes with HSC
Price: $3195
Stock# 3849

2016 Gibson Southern Jumbo
Like new Gibson Custom Art Historic Souther Jumbo. Mahogany back and sides, solid Sitka top and a very nice ringing, piano like quality. Fat low end and nice treble make this a nice and evenly voiced instrument. Comes with case.
Price: $2799
Stock# 4052

1926 Gibson Style 0
This is certainly a head turner. The style 0 is one of the most striking instruments Gibson ever produced and this one is a must for the early era Gibson guitar and mandolin collector. This is a pretty late year for this model and the guitar is in excellent condition with no cracks to speak of. All original with original hard case and the wonderful Llyod Loar invention "Virzi ToneBooster" which essentially is an extra spruce soundboard (spruce disc) fitted under the top of the guitar to further amplify the sound of the top. And it works! This thing sounds wonderful. Big V neck profile that is perfectly worn in, and comes with a hand written history from the second owner who purchased the guitar in 1940. Very cool!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4347

1938 Gibson Super 400
This rare and stunning example of a late 30's Gibson Super 400 is in impeccable, all original condition. There is obviously some minor scuffing here and there, but overall the condition is incredibly good. Beautiful birdseye maple on the back and classy art deco split block inlays make it clear that the Super 400 is the flagship Gibson guitar. Call for more details.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3505

1931 Gibson TG-00
Beautiful old Gibson Tenor. All Mahogany body, has definitely been played, but the wear tells the story on this well loved instrument. Sounds fantastic and comes with a SSC.
Price: $1495
Stock# 3670

2008 Gibson Western Classic
Very clean and beautiful sounding Gibson Custom Western Classic. Rich dry sound with a nice complex harmonic content with a bit of compression. Sounds like a wonderfully recorded acoustic through audiophile grade headphones.
Price: $3799
Stock# 4179

2016 Gibson Western Classic Mystic
Absolutely stunning instrument from Gibson Custom. The Western Classic Jumbo embodies the culmination of Gibson's acoustic producing prowess. The gorgeous Mystic Rosewood back and sides ripple with character and grain and produce a sound both rich and focused bottom with a compressed and articulate high end. An outstanding instrument by any means. Multiply binding throughout, Cursive Gibson logo and flowerpot headstock inlay. This one is dressed to the hilt! Looks and sounds the part of the top of the line acoustic it is. Comes with COA and OHSC.
Price: $5900
Stock# 3631

2011 Taylor 324
Like new condition! Comes with OHSC.Fingerstylists and dynamic players who want a comfortable body size and characteristic Taylor playability will find their match in the Grand Auditorium Taylor 324 acoustic-electric guitar. The 324's richly grained mahogany top pairs beautifully with Tasmanian blackwood back and sides to give you a powerful, well-balanced sound with punchy midrange focus that really cuts through a mix. The 324's updated traditional appointments and Shaded Edge Burst top look great under stage lights. And the onboard Expression System 2 pickup system is designed to capture every nuance of your playing whether you're plugged in at the coffee shop or tracking in the studio.
Price: $1000
Stock# 4246

2004 Taylor 410CE-L30
30th Anniversary model, Dreadnaught, gloss finished solid spruce top, satin finished ovankol back and sides, 14-fret mahogany neck, 20-fret ebony fingerboard with myrtlewood leaf inlays, 1-3/4" nut width, 25-1/2" scale, ebony bridge, tortoise plastic pickguard, white-bound body, chrome tuners, factory Taylor Expression pickup / preamp system. W/ HSC.
Price: $1299
Stock# 3751

2004 Taylor NS34-CE Lefty
Very good plus condition left handed Taylor Classical with pickup system and cutaway. Action is set at optimal height and guitar sounds great. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1200
Stock# 4043

2017 Collings 01
Coming soon! With the exception of the Baby, the 0 is our smallest guitar and is offered with the same shorter scale found on the 12-fret 00. Although measuring only 13.5 inches in width (smaller than a typical classical guitar), the Collings 0 has tone and volume that belies its first impression as being less than full-sized. It can double as a travel guitar or a small OM, performing both roles equally well. The same neck and woods options offered with larger Collings models are available on the 0 as well, giving players an almost infinite range of tonal possibilities.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4134

2017 Collings 01
Brand new with a sitka Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, 1 3/4" nut width and very nice Collings hard shell case. This little guy pack a lot of punch for it's size with a very balanced sound and bright mid range coupled with a good, present low end. Highs are articulate. Ideal recording guitar or something to keep by your side at all times.
Price: $3685
Stock# 4343

2017 Collings C10 Custom
Coming Soon!! The Collings C10 Custom has been been specially ordered with a deeper body for richer low end. Mahogany back and sides with a slope shoulder body style.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4133

2017 Collings CW MH A
Coming Soon!! Named after the well-loved Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas, the Collings Winfield is a highly modified version of our standard dreadnought that features options commonly requested by flatpicking specialists. The combination of the stiff Adirondack spruce top with enlarged soundhole, supported by a top bracing pattern based on the earliest 14-fret dreadnoughts, make the CW a bluegrass powerhouse. Everything about this model is designed to provide plenty of headroom and projection for aggressive playing, but not at the expense of good tone.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4128

2017 Collings D1 SB
Coming Soon! We will be featuring ours with a sunburst finish, Torrified Sitka top, and Waverly tuners.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4137

2017 Collings D2H G
The square-shouldered 14-fret dreadnought is the most popular steel-string acoustic guitar body shape in the world. While Collings is certainly not the only company to build them, they bring a new tonal clarity to the depth and warmth usually associated with such a large, deep-bodied guitar. Although its bass response makes the dreadnought ideal for vocal accompaniment, Collings versions are also often employed by bluegrass flatpickers who must compete with inherently louder instruments such as banjos and fiddles. The wide range of woods and neck sizes offered allow dreadnought fans to find a Collings model ideally suited to their playing style and tonal preference. Features an upgraded German Spruce top.
Price: $4450
Stock# 4138

2017 Collings OM-1 G
Brand new featuring an upgraded German Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. Gorgeous sounding instrument with nice, springy feeling action. Very alive and resonant. Ebony fret board and bridge. An absolutely stellar guitar!
Price: $4299
Stock# 4349

2017 Collings OM1 German Spruce
Coming Soon!! 'OM' stands for "Orchestra Model," but 80 years after this body shape was first designed it has become the most popular 14-fret model with fingerstyle guitar soloists who choose to play on steel strings. Yet flatpickers also find it appealing, and when the graceful cutaway is added these OMs are often used by lead players who routinely explore all 20 frets much as they would on an electric guitar. The compact shape makes the Collings OM equally easy to handle onstage or when sitting on the couch, and the relatively shallow body (barely over 4 inches deep) results in balanced tone and an immediate response.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4135

Collings OM1A
Like new, almost mint condition OM1A. Adirondack top, mahogany back and sides, original case. Sounds fantastic!
Price: $3650
Stock# 3914

2017 Collings OM2H
Coming Soon!! 'OM' stands for "Orchestra Model," but 80 years after this body shape was first designed it has become the most popular 14-fret model with fingerstyle guitar soloists who choose to play on steel strings. Yet flatpickers also find it appealing, and when the graceful cutaway is added these OMs are often used by lead players who routinely explore all 20 frets much as they would on an electric guitar. The compact shape makes the Collings OM equally easy to handle onstage or when sitting on the couch, and the relatively shallow body (barely over 4 inches deep) results in balanced tone and an immediate response.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4136

2017 Collings OM2H
Brand spankin' new Collings OM2H! This OM model features a Sitka top with East Indian rosewood back and sides. Mahogany neck with Ebony fretboard and bridge. 1 3/4" nut width. Action, playability, fit and finish are all what you've come to expect from Collings. Very warm and articulate with excellent balance and great subtle responsiveness. Comes with case.
Price: $3825
Stock# 4344

2006 Collings OM2HA SB
Like new condition OM 2 with Adirondack top, herringbone inlay, Indian Rosewood back and sides, and sunburst finish. Very clear and articulate voice that holds together well when strummed hard, yet is open enough to bloom with fingerpicked passages. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3600
Stock# 4364

2017 Collings Waterloo WL-12
Coming in January 2017! The WL-12 is a new variation on the flagship WL-14 that brings together the elements of maple back and sides, vintage x-bracing, and 12-fret construction to create an entirely new Waterloo experience. By joining the neck to the body at the 12th fret, the bridge is positioned closer to the center of the lower bout, producing a rich and open tone with stronger low end response than you would typically expect from a parlor-sized guitar. Maple back/sides make for the perfect tonal compliment to the body design, adding focus, projection, and a pronounced front-end attack that is sure to inspire players of nearly any acoustic genre. As a standard, all WL-12 models feature a moderate oval-shaped neck profile with a fully adjustable truss rod, drop-in saddle, and a vintage "iced tea" sunburst finish. Hardshell TKL case included.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4123

2017 Collings Waterloo WL-JK
Full-bodied in both tone and stature, the aptly nicknamed "Jumbo King” is the largest size offering in the Waterloo line and a modern day tribute to jumbo-sized guitars of the early 1940s. Originally manufactured by Regal for the mail-order enterprise Montgomery Ward, this slope-shoulder body size was designed to provide performers of the era with enough volume and power for professional radio work. The WL-JK accomplishes this and more by employing a full five-inch body depth and a slightly narrow waist to enhance both the bass and treble response. The WL-JK is available in a minimally appointed “standard” version as well as a “deluxe” version featuring added bindings, true-to-era "valve cover" tuners, and a full-body sunburst finish. Both models utilize vintage inspired x-bracing and prominent v-shaped necks with fully adjustable truss rods, and are also available with optional East Indian rosewood back and sides.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4125

2017 Collings Waterloo WL-K
Coming in January 2017! Weighing in at under three pounds, the featherweight WL-K is an exciting new 12-fret addition to the Waterloo line built with maximum responsiveness in mind. Inspired by the elusive instruments manufactured under the sub-brand Kel Kroydon around 1930, which were touted at the time to offer the utmost in vibratory response and the finest tone available, the WL-K is delicately built using lightweight materials and supported by thinly carved braces. When paired with a minimal lacquer finish, the resulting tone is dry and transparent with just the right level of complexity in the overtones, capable of capturing the expressiveness of the player down to the finest nuance. With a 24 7/8" scale length and moderately sized, oval shaped neck, the WL-K is a fingerstyle player's delight, but this is by no means the extent of the guitar’s versatility. Exceptional clarity and note separation make it well-suited to a variety of other playing styles and a logical choice for singer-songwriters and purveyors of traditional roots music. A carbon fiber T-bar running through the neck provides stability and efficient transfers of energy back into the body, producing a resonance you can feel. All WL-K models feature carefully selected spruce tops and mahogany back and sides with a light shade top finish, vintage-style cutthrough saddle, and come sans-pickguard. Due to this model's ultra-lightweight construction, we recommend a maximum string gauge of .011" to .052". Hardshell TKL case included.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4124

2017 Collings Waterloo WL-S
The new WL-S possesses exceptional tonal clarity, dimensionality, and punch. Inspired by 12-fret Stella guitars from the 1930’s, the WL-S features a 24 7/8" scale length that creates a round note attack and detailed string-to-string separation. A semi-gloss nitrocellulose finish completes the WL-S both aesthetically and tonally, with a beautiful iced tea sunburst and acoustical liveliness that brings out the nuances of this ladder braced design. Solid cherry wood back and sides further enhance the unique character of this guitar, providing exceptional balance and articulation. All WL-S models feature a vintage correct “Soft-V” neck profile with a carbon fiber T-Bar, a slotted headstock, and a pyramid bridge with a cutthrough saddle. Hardshell TKL case included.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4122

2017 Collings WL-14 X
Coming soon!The WL-14 is the flagship model of the Waterloo guitar line and the inspiration that started it all. Keeping true to the design and style of the era, the WL-14 is available in "ladder" bracing (L) as well as "X" bracing (X). The ladder bracing option provides woody and open tone, with midrange honk that's perfect for fingerstyle blues. The "X" braced version retains tighter focus and balance across the tonal range. There are currently two different neck profiles and two neck support options available for the WL-14. The standard neck profile is a sizable, vintage-inspired neck with a prominent "V" shape. For those who prefer more moderately sized necks, an alternate lower-profile option is available by request. For neck support, choose from either a T-bar for ultra-lightweight rigidity or an adjustable truss rod for greater setup flexibility. Hardshell TKL case included.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4127

Aria AC150 F
Made in Spain, gorgeous sounding Flamenco guitar. Excellent action, lively and vibrant sounding! Snazzy armrest and also comes with a case.
Price: $1500
Stock# 2743

2014 Austin Vintage Guitars AVG T's
100% Cotton Nice Fitting and Good Looking!
Price: $16
Stock# 2479

1948 Epiphone Emperor
Gorgeous big jazz box! Wonderful sound, brash when hit hard with a nice breakup and warm and sweet when played that way. Flame on back and sides is great. Extremely ornate figuring. High end hand craftsmanship on this very high end Epiphone archtop. Has been refinished and has had a neck reset so it's ready to go! Comes with case.
Price: $3499
Stock# 4154

1964 Epiphone Frontier
Collector grade Epiphone Frontier. Light finish checking, but that is it! Never abused, obviously handled with kid gloves, this one has virtually no play wear. In addition, it sounds absolutely fantastic. Maple back and sides make this one crisp, clear strumming joy, and the articulation is unparalleled. Comes with original case.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3622

1966 Epiphone FT-112 Bard
Here is a kind of rare bird, the Epi Bard 12 string! Most notably used by the late, great Roy Orbison. This one feels great and sounds particularly good. Excellent chime with a present low end makes for an excellent recording acoustic. Action is nice and low and plays very nice. This one is heavily checked which makes for a lot of cool, vintage vibe.
Price: $1299
Stock# 3947

1962 Epiphone FT-45 Cortez
Very clean early example of the Epi Cortez. An often overlooked model that really is a great buy for what you get. Nice mid range with a glorious Mahogany thump and a nice articulate high end make this an ideal recording instrument or perfect for installing a pick up and using it on stage. Be careful, though, you don't want to nick this one up. Comes with HSC.
Price: $2200
Stock# 4182

1952 Epiphone Triumph
Overall nice condition Epi Archtop from the golden era of Epiphone. This guitar is a great comping guitar and with cut through in a mix no problem. Sharp, yet warm tone on the lead playing give you an upfront spot in the mix for soloing or chord melody without sacrificing "fatness". Tuners have been replaced long ago with Grovers.
Price: $1599
Stock# 4155

1970 Ernie Ball Earthwood
1970's era Ernie Ball Earthwood acoustic in very nice shape. These are very interesting guitars and are not seen that much. Very deep body, big, jumbo size and a huge sound. Action is nice and low, and this one sounds like nothing else. Just a wonderful guitar and with personality plus!
Price: $1499
Stock# 4350

1961 Gretsch Rancher
Tons of vibe on this very cool vintage Gretsch acoustic. Finish is vibrant far beyond it's years and the sound is really nice on this one. Would sit great in a mix for recording. Nice mids and highs that are articulate without being overpowering. Action is nice and low and plays very easily. Binding, as is to be expected, is chipping but stable. Comes with case.
Price: $2195
Stock# 4029

1977 Guild D-25M
Super under the radar acoustic that is a lot of bang for the buck. All Mahogany guitar with a rosewood fret board. Very crisp sounding guitar with a slightly darker character without sacrificing too much high end. Comes with OHSC and case candy.
Price: $1195
Stock# 3781

1997 Guild D-30
Great condition, maple back and sides. Great sounding box with nice high end articulation and a crisp response.
Price: $1095
Stock# 3790

1977 Guild D-40 NT
Very nice condition vintage Guild. Sounds nice and open. An incredible guitar for the money. Has an installed pickup to take you from the couch to the stage! Comes with the original hardshell case.
Price: $1350
Stock# 4060

1978 Guild D-55 NT
Indian Rosewood back and sides, Spruce top, Mahogany neck with bound Ebony board and block inlays. Top of the line Guild guitar! This Rhode Island beauty sounds and plays wonderfully. Truly an acoustic gem and a highly affordable instrument for the quality and tonal character!
Price: $2299
Stock# 3768

Guild JF65
Newer model Guild Jumbo in gorgeous sunburst finish with very nice figured maple back and sides. Back of neck is also highly flamed. Very articulate and rich sound. Very nice acoustic. Comes with HSC.
Price: $2250
Stock# 3540

Guild JG 65
Glorious Jumbo from Guild! Top quality made in USA instrument with premium maple back and sides with Ebony fret board and Solid Spruce top. All premium appointments and a snappy, warm and sustaining tone. Articulate and dreamy, this is a guitar to treasure. Comes with HSC.
Price: $1799
Stock# 4268

1970 Ibanez Concord
This is a lawsuit era Ibanez made in Japan Gibson Hummingbird knock off. Black finish makes this one quite a looker and for the money the quality to value ratio on these old Ibanez's are high. Comes with a HSC and a boatload of cool factor.
Price: $649
Stock# 4354

2013 Recording King Dirty Thirty Series
Dirty Thirties Dreadnought Solid Top Our Dirty Thirties Dust Bowl-inspired Dreadnought is meant to sound great wherever the road takes you. With a solid top and old-style matte sunburst finish, it sits at the perfect crossroads of classic sound and vintage design. Like the original Montgomery Ward mail order guitars in the first half of the century, the Dirty Thirties Dreadnought is the perfect companion for singer-songwriters, folk stylists or traveling troubadours. All of our Dirty Thirties guitars start with a solid Spruce top and rosewood fretboard, with bone nut and saddle. We’ve finished each guitar with classic extra-large fretboard dots, aged ivoroid body binding, satin sunburst finish, vintage-style tuning keys and historic Recording King headstock. The Dirty Thirties series packs excellent playability and historic vibe into an retro-inspired package that makes vintage style accessible to every player. See the rest of the Dirty Thirties series: Single O, and OOO models. Lifetime Warranty We have all three in stock!
Price: $199.99
Stock# 2023

2013 Recording King RD-06
NEW! "Dreadnaught" Body Style / Solid Sitka Spruce Top / Mahogany Back & Sides / Rosewood Fretboard / Bone Nut & Saddle / Recording King Acoustics Sound & Play GREAT!!
Price: $299.99
Stock# 2031

2013 Recording King RD-10
NEW! "Dreadnaught" Body Style / ALL SOLID WOOD CONSTRUCTION: Solid Sitka Spruce Top / Solid Mahogany Back & Sides / Rosewood Fretboard / Bone Nut & Saddle / Recording King Acoustics Sound & Play GREAT!!
Price: $429.99
Stock# 2033

2013 Recording King RD-310
NEW! "Dreadnaught" Body Style / ALL SOLID WOOD CONSTRUCTION: Adirondack Spruce Top / Mahogany Back & Sides / Rosewood Fretboard / Bone Nut & Saddle / Deluxe Grover Tuners / Recording King Acoustics Sound & Play GREAT!!
Price: $549.99
Stock# 2035

2013 Recording King RO-06
NEW! "000" Body Style / Solid Sitka Spruce Top / Mahogany Back & Sides / Rosewood Fretboard / Bone Nut & Saddle / Recording King Acoustics Sound & Play GREAT!!
Price: $299.99
Stock# 2032

2013 Recording King RO-10
NEW! "000" Body Style / ALL SOLID WOOD CONSTRUCTION: Solid Sitka Spruce Top / Solid Mahogany Back & Sides / Rosewood Fretboard / Bone Nut & Saddle / Recording King Acoustics Sound & Play GREAT!!
Price: $429.99
Stock# 2034

2013 Recording King ROS-06
NEW! "000" Body Style / 12-Fret w/Slotted Headstock / Solid Sitka Spruce Top / Mahogany Back & Sides / Rosewood Fretboard / Bone Nut & Saddle / Recording King Acoustics Sound & Play GREAT!!
Price: $299.99
Stock# 2030

2014 Recording King ROS-10
Awesome 12 fret! Solid spruce top. Chunky neck. Warm, rich, harmonically complex. The best acoustic you'll play for under a grand!
Price: $399.99
Stock# 2492

2013 Recording King RP-06
NEW! "0" Body Style / 12-Fret w/Slotted Headstock / Solid Sitka Spruce Top / Mahogany Back & Sides / Rosewood Fretboard / Bone Nut & Saddle / Recording King Acoustics Sound & Play GREAT!!
Price: $299.99
Stock# 2029

2001 Santa Cruz D
Very nice sounding and feeling Santa Cruz D model with a 12 fret body and slot headstock. Mahogany back and sides, Ebony 'board and 1 3/4" nut. Crisp and clear sound indicative of the best pre-war guitars by you-know-who!
Price: $3250
Stock# 3767

1985 Santa Cruz H-22
This is a nifty little Santa Crux from the early days. This one is essentially a Gibson Nick Lucas body and scale length (24.75") with a gorgeously figured Koa back and sides. Guitar sounds fantastic and is in very good condition.
Price: $3795
Stock# 4054

1994 Santa Cruz OM
This is a special guitar, for sure. This one has seen some years, but you'd never guess by looking at it. This is a clean machine with a Sitka top and East Indian Rosewood back and sides. Despite it's minty aesthetic, this has been nicely broken in and the rosewood has a big warm resonance that delivers more volume and with a complexity you might not expect from this body size. Crisp, clear, yet full bodied and war. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3599
Stock# 4234

2002 Santa Cruz OM Grand
Comes with the OHSC. Great sounding guitar. Inspiring instrument to say the least!
Price: $3299
Stock# 3412

2013 Seagull Coastline Grand

Price: $399
Stock# 2059

2013 Seagull Coastline S6 Creme Brulee
Brand new Seagull. Light gloss, creamy.
Price: $499
Stock# 2056

2013 Seagull La Patrie Nylon
La Patrie nylon guitar. All solid wood!
Price: $479
Stock# 2060

Seagull Maritime SWSHGQI
All solid Dreadnaught style guitar. Spruce top and mahogany back and sides. Built in electronics and tuner. Sounds warm!
Price: $829
Stock# 3149

2013 Seagull S12 Cedar QI
New 12 string Seagull with pickup!
Price: $629
Stock# 2057

2013 Seagull S6
Brand new Seagull S6. Solid cedar top!
Price: $419
Stock# 2054

2013 Seagull S6QI
Brand new Seagull! S6 model with Quantum electronics
Price: $529
Stock# 2055

Takamine EG523SC-12
Great 12 string guitar for the money! Maple back and sides with a single cutaway jumbo size body. Very nice pickup system is ready to plug in and go to town. Nice crisp tone that really lets the the chime of this guitar shine. Comes with case.
Price: $500
Stock# 4101

Takamine EGSF15 SC
Solid top, Santa Fe appointments, very nice sounding intermediate guitar. Comes with pickup system and a HSC!
Price: $599
Stock# 3418


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