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Fender DeVille
Very clean condition, and this puppy can get loud!
Price: $795
Stock# 2006

1966 Fender Band Master
Very clean Blackface Fender Bandmaster Head and matching 2x12 Cabinet. Speakers are Jensens. Strong Vibrato and recent cap job. Amp looks and sounds awesome!
Price: $1399
Stock# 2241

1978 Fender Twin Reverb
Late 70's Fender Twin Reverb with master volume. Original speakers and has casters added for your convenience. Expect loud, clean tone!
Price: $899
Stock# 3345

1965 Fender Twin Reverb
Nice 60's Twin Reverb here in great condition. The speakers are from 1974, but it's black face tone all the way!
Price: $2695
Stock# 3347

1976 Fender Twin Reverb
Big ole' monster Twin Reverb with master volume. This one has castors and also features the original speakers and a foot switch!
Price: $1099
Stock# 3348

1965 Fender Bandmaster
All original head in good condition. Sounds very good through an old 2x10" Tremolux cab we have. Cab is sold separately.
Price: $750
Stock# 3475

1954 Fender Bandmaster
Wide Panel, 15" speaker. Call for all the details.
Price: $3495
Stock# 3614

Fender Twin Reverb
Later 70's Twin Reverb with a master volume. Great sounding hardwired amp for under a grand!
Price: $999
Stock# 3684

Fender 65 Twin Reverb Custom 15
A steel player's dream! This excellent condition Twin Reverb is tailor made for chiming clean tones and is sporting a a factory 15" speaker for added, volume, clarity and smoothness.
Price: $1099
Stock# 3685

Fender Twin Reverb
This one is sporting JBL speakers. Hardwired, silverface amp that sound beautiful!
Price: $1495
Stock# 3687

Fender Super Reverb Amp
70's Silverface Super Reverb. Sounds great! Great deal on this wonderful hardwired amp.
Price: $1495
Stock# 3688

1966 Fender Super Reverb Amp
Incredible deal on this beautiful Blackface amp. All hardwired, rich, responsive tone and an all time classic at a blow out price. You'll be looking for a long time find another amp this good for this price.
Price: $1650
Stock# 3689

1966 Fender Super Reverb Amp
Glorious sounding BF tone here with no apologies! This is as good as an amp can sound. Replaced grille cloth.
Price: $1800
Stock# 3690

1972 Fender Super Reverb Amp
Great, earlier silverface Super Reverb. 4x10, 40 watts and all hardwired. Great work horse that's also right at home in the studio. Try and find a new hardwired amp for this price, and guess what? This one already withstood the test of time.
Price: $1199
Stock# 3695

1974 Fender Pro Reverb Amp
This amp is the sleeper of the Fender line. Equal in size to the venerable Twin Reverb, but at a much lighter weight and more similar to a Vibrolux in tone. 2x12", 40 watts, tube rectifier, and replaced celestial speakers. This one comes just before the push/pull boost and the change to a solid state rectifier. This one sounds great!
Price: $1299
Stock# 3696

Fender Pro Reverb Amp
Earlier model silverface Pro Reverb, still sporting the tube rectifier, and the 40 watt configuration. When you need something a little more than the Vibrolux, don't want the paint peeling volume or the back breaking weight of a Twin, and have a trunk to small for a Super, the Pro is a no brainer. Probably the best kept Fender amp secret, and this one sounds great!
Price: $1399
Stock# 3698

Fender Tweed Blues DeVille
A great workhorse/ touring amp. Classic Fender tone with modern channel switching and gain stages. This is the amp that can do it all, from vintage to metal to country to R&B, this will absolutely have you covered. Nice condition.
Price: $799
Stock# 3708

Fender Hot Rod DeVille
Great condition, 2x12 speaker configuration. Incredibly versatile amp!
Price: $899
Stock# 3712

Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212
Great condition 2x12 speaker config Hot Rod Deluxe. These amps will do it all and for an affordable price. One of Fenders all time most popular models! This one has also just been retubed. Bonus!
Price: $795
Stock# 3715

1965 Fender Twin Reverb Amp
Vintage blackface Fender Twin, although we have no documented proof, this head is rumored to have been owned by one of the all time great guitar ramblin' men of all time, so that's a bonus. What's not up for debate is the tone on this glorious beast. So clean and so warm! Like a Blue Sky!
Price: $1499
Stock# 3725

1966 Fender Bandmaster
Very nice blackface Bandmaster head. Sounds great in nice cosmetic condition.
Price: $799
Stock# 3726

Fender Vibro-King
Great condition, this one is an example of Fender's continued ability to make great amps in the modern era. 3 10" speaker configuration with essentially a Fender reverb unit installed in the amp. Great sounding amplifier!
Price: $1999
Stock# 3727

1968 Fender Bandmaster Reverb TFL 5005D
Excellent condition, drip edge. Sounds absolutely fantastic and is a clean tone machine. Reverb sounds nice and drippy, and the cleans are sparkling.
Price: $999
Stock# 3746

1965 Fender Super Reverb Amp
Classic BF tone. This super is a great sounding example of why BF amps are so sought after. Rich, dynamic, 3D hi fidelity guitar tone drip from this beauty.
Price: $1895
Stock# 3747

Fender Twin Reverb Amp
Late 70's, very clean with original footswitch. Speakers changed to Celestions. Beautiful clean sound with master volume control and casters.
Price: $1199
Stock# 3756

1959 Fender Bassman
Here we have the venerable '59 Tweed Bassman! This one has a replaced output transformer and handle, but is all good otherwise. This one sounds magnificent.
Price: $6500
Stock# 3802

1967 Fender Super Reverb Amp
Super clean condition, would be right at home in a professional collection, or for the discerning player who likes their vintage gear to be pristine. Sounds great and recently serviced.
Price: $2200
Stock# 3821

Fender Twin Reverb Head
We have 2 custom modified Fender Twin Reverb heads, all done to very specific spec by Bill Webb. These sound wonderful and have been fully upgraded and tweaked to optimal tonal quality.
Price: $1250
Stock# 3997

1967 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp
Very early example silver face Deluxe Reverb. Most 67's were blackface and will run you about a 1000 more bucks. This one is all original with the exception of tubes and some of the caps and resistors. Fully serviced and sounding fantastic!
Price: $1850
Stock# 4057

1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp
Super clean, near mint with original cover, original footswitch and all parts that have been changed out including the original GE tubes. Has been recently serviced and sounds wonderful. One owner, is in near museum condition.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4080

1990 Fender Vibroverb Reissue
Awesome tremolo on this brown face reissue. 40 great sounding watts with a beautiful compressed overdrive when above 5 on the volume. Lush reverb and very good condition.
Price: $1200
Stock# 4171

1964 Fender Vibrolux Reverb
Tube chart dates this gorgeous blackface wonder to 1964, original speakers date 4th week of January, 1965 so this is straddling the years, but it certainly sounds fantastic! Gorgeous, dynamic and 3 dimensional cleans and rich, harmonic overdrive when pushed. This is probably the most ideal amp for most situations. It really is hard to beat a great old BF Vibrolux!
Price: $3250
Stock# 4230

1979 Fender Princeton Reverb
Super clean, late era Silverface with boost push/pull knob. This one is immaculate and comes with the original Fender literature and hangtag. Snazzy!!!
Price: $1399
Stock# 4232

1968 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp

Price: Please call!
Stock# 4369

1968 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp
Super clean, early silverface with the dripedge and blackline faceplate. All original except for normal maintenance stuff, resistors, tubes, etc... Fully serviced and sounds glorious. Truly one of the all time great amps and with all the internal circuitry of a true Blackface these dripedge SF amps are a deal!
Price: $2299
Stock# 4370

Marshall JCM 900
The venerable JCM 900 50 Watt head! With reverb and serious gain! Crank it to 11!
Price: $850
Stock# 2012

Marshall MA-100H
MA series 100 watt head. All-tube design single input, 2 channel amp with reverb! Foot-switchable boost function and an FX loop in the back make this an extremely versatile machine at a great price!
Price: $450
Stock# 2742

1987 Marshall Artist 3203
Priced to sell! This great sounding head is in excellent condition and has just been serviced and gone through. Completely ready to rock! Also we have it's 4x10 cabinet available as well for only $250!
Price: $399
Stock# 3713

Marshall Bluesbreaker
90's reissue of the early Marshall combo. 2x12", very loud, classic Marshall tone. While the circuit certainly differs from an original BB, this amp has a wonderful character all it's own. A truly glorious noise can be coaxed easily from this venerable beast with ease. At it's best fully dimed.
Price: $1595
Stock# 3731

1990 Marshall JCM 800 Head
Classic Marshall rock and roll tone. If you want it, come and get it. One of the all time greatest amps. AC/DC to Slash to Smashing Pumpkins. This one covers it all!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3741

Marshall JTM 45 Limited Edition Offset
Limited edition of only 300, these hardwired monsters are about as close to the real deal as you can get. 4x10 cab with the alnico Celestions. Very exciting amplifier and comes with the original certificate of authenticity. This is 184/300.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3807

Marshall JCM 900 100 watt
Killer sounding JCM 900 with gain to spare, clean channel is a classic Marshall through and through, and when switching to the hi-gain channel, this amp will rip your face off. Perfect for classic rock to the heavy modern stuff the kids are into. Priced to move!
Price: $800
Stock# 3815

Vox AC100CPH

Price: $695
Stock# 2635

1991 Vox AC30 30th Anniversary
1991 RI of one of the most classic tube amps ever designed! Made in the UK before Korg bought the company. Limited edition amp that sounds great and comes with a road case!
Price: $2350
Stock# 2734

Vox AC 50
1960's Vox AC 50 head. Sounds great. Classic Vox chime that the reissues never can seem to quite capture.
Price: $1499
Stock# 3749

Vox Cambridge Reverb
Great practice amp in nice condition.
Price: $225
Stock# 4107

2014 American Apperal AVG T's
100% Cotton Nice Fitting and Good Looking!
Price: $16
Stock# 2480

Ampeg M-12
1960's killer vintage Ampeg amps. These Mpegs really are tone monsters and are perfect for small gigs or recording. Under the radar amps for sure, but some of the best sounding old school amps out there.
Price: $795
Stock# 3701

Ampeg Reverberocket 2
Great example of a 60's Ampeg Reverberocker 2. This one sounds great and has the original footswitch.
Price: $550
Stock# 3703

Ampeg SVT Head
1980's SVT. Killer sounding bass. Still sounds great. Industry standard bass tones to die for!
Price: $1250
Stock# 3706

1964 Ampeg B-18
Very nice condition and beautiful sounding B-18 Portaflex flip top head and cab combo. These ingenious little amps are nice and portable and have found their way onto some of the most iconic records of all time. For stage or studio, when you need that old school truth to come through, look no further than this beauty. Original speaker with no mods.
Price: $1699
Stock# 4314

2014 Ashdown MAG410T Cabinet
Brand New! 4x10" cab at 450 watts
Price: $399
Stock# 2342

2014 Ashdown ABM410H
Awesome brand new cabinet. 4x10" with Blue Line speakers. 600 watts.
Price: $599
Stock# 2344

2014 Ashdown ABM115 Cabinet
1x15" brand new cab with Blue Line speakers. 500w.
Price: $449
Stock# 2345

2014 Ashdown MAG 300 C210 EVO 3 Combo
Brand new 2x10" bass combo sporting 2x10" configuration.
Price: $699
Stock# 2347

1998 Bogner Cosma Shiva
Very rare and collectible Bogner Shiva. Only the first 100 made have the Cosma prefix. This one sounds great, comes with a 2 button Marshall footswitch and has a road case!
Price: $2299
Stock# 3709

1948 Danelectro Vibrovox Twin Prototype
A stunning and rare amplifier! It would be very difficult to find another one of these. Cloverleaf baffle with basketweave grill cloth, field coil speakers and a wonderful, old school sound. This amp may have been made in the pre-rock and roll days, but was certainly a harbinger of things to come. About as much volume as a tweed Deluxe with a very cool break up and warm, complex clean tones. Completely gone through. This is about as rare as it gets, kids!
Price: $1350
Stock# 4164

Gibson GA-50T
Classic old school Gibson amp with tons of vibe and a glorious break up. This one is in very good condition and has the back latching panel.
Price: $2200
Stock# 3745

1949 Gibson BR-9
Very nice condition, all original Gibson BR-9 with field coil speaker, and original tubes. Great sounding bedroom or recording amp! Clean condition.
Price: $499
Stock# 3819

1960 Gibson GA-5 Skylark
The word is getting out on these best kept secrets of the vintage amp world. These are champ killers and are incredible for recording or small gigs. This one is in very good condition.
Price: $595
Stock# 4035

1979 Hiwatt DR-103
Killer sounding hiwatt head, ready for Madison Square Garden or just really irking your neighbors! Thank goodness for the master knob!
Price: $2699
Stock# 3112

1979 Hiwatt Custom 100 Head
Classic crunch and drive from this not oft seen head. Channel your inner Townsend and ready the windmill! Amp is in excellent cosmetic condition and sounds great.
Price: $2699
Stock# 3748

Kendrick Tweed Twin Clone
Killer tweed tone out of this mighty beast. Classic Tweed break up and compression with paint peeling volumes. This is one serious big boy box!
Price: $2199
Stock# 3742

1960 Magnatone Model 118
Very cool little Magnatone amp. A great recording amp with a great clean sound or gritty and bluesy when cranked. Cosmetic condition is not fantastic, but this one was played and the good ones often are.
Price: $600
Stock# 4104

Mesa Boogie II Head
Mesa 2 Head. Call for more details.
Price: $900
Stock# 3723

1990 Mesa Boogie Mark IV
Great little power house with tons of tonal variety. Comes with original footswitch and top instruction manual.
Price: $1700
Stock# 3743

1980 Music Man Seventy-Five
Early 80's Music Man 75 head and cab in great condition. Phenomenal clean amp, and the perfect pallet for pedals. Small and portable but with a TON of volume.
Price: $950
Stock# 3744

2000 Orange Rocketverb 50 MK II
Cabinet Vintage 30's
Price: $2149
Stock# 1732

Orange Reverb Twin

Price: $2499
Stock# 1759

1950 Premier 120
Super cool late 50's Premier with a 12" speaker which is original, but has been reconed. This amp is a dream for any harp player or studio guitarist craving some incredible vintage amp drive. Thick, rich and harmonically delightful. One of the great sounding amps of all time.
Price: $999
Stock# 4215

1950 Rickenbacker Model 12
50's Rickenbacker Model 12 tube amplifier. Nice little amp with great tone and vibe!
Price: $599
Stock# 2666

1955 Rickenbacker M-8
Great vintage practice amp! Crank it up, throw a mic in front of it and go to tone heaven! Very good condition.
Price: $499
Stock# 3803

1966 Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve
The venerable Twin Twelve! One of the all time most sought after amps, killer for the recording studio, or on the road (just get a road case!) this amp truly epitomizes the garage sound of the 60's and early 70's. It really does not get better. This one sounds great, but has been painted black, hence the price! It's a sonic feast!
Price: $899
Stock# 3714

1974 Silvertone 1424 Solid State 150
Great condition, from the days when solid state was all the rage. Very cool head! Great piece of history.
Price: $250
Stock# 3722

1950 Silvertone 1333
Very nice condition Silvertone 1333 from the mid '50's. These puppies were built a little differently from their bigger brothers, with controls and electronics on the same top of the cabinet mounted chassis. Even though a compact amp, the 1333 still boasted 12 watts, a 12-inch speaker and tremolo, plus three inputs!
Price: $649
Stock# 4214

1953 Supro Model 51
Near excellent condition on this old, Valco Supro amp. 1x10" speaker and this one sounds great. Sounds a little ratty, a little rocking, all Supro. Crank this one up and hit record!
Price: $899
Stock# 4036

2016 Supro Titan
Like new condition Supro Titan combo amp. Sporting a super com[pact 1x10 configuration with both reverb and tremolo, this little powerhouse is wolf in sheep's clothing. Behind it's seemingly docile exterior lies 50 watts of all tube power! This is a killer amp that takes to pedals wonderfully. Lots of headroom makes this the ideal gigging amp for the player who wants a lot of amp without compromising on portability.
Price: $1050
Stock# 4337

2016 Supro Extension cab
Like new 1x10" extension cab. The perfect addition to any small amp rig. Sounds outstanding!
Price: $450
Stock# 4338

Tone King Imperial
Super handsome, snazzified Sea foam tolex Tone King Imperial Amp. This is the original version. Voiced like a cross between Princeton and a mid range British type amp. Sporting reverb, tremolo, and is a 6V6 tube amp. So cool!
Price: $1699
Stock# 4076


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