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2013 Fender Pawn Shop series Bass 6 VI
From the Fender Pawn Shop series we have a new Bass VI, reimagined for the modern player. In candy apple red with matching headstock white guard and 5 way selector switch. Comes with a gig bag.
Price: $799.99
Stock# 1965

2013 Fender Squier Affinity PJ Bass
Black finish with black guard and rosewood fretboard. Features J Bass pick up in the bridge and a P Bass pick up in the middle.
Price: $179.99
Stock# 1971

Fender Squier P-Bass
LEFTY!! American made Squier bass. Cream finish, light playwear.
Price: $400
Stock# 2205

1963 Fender Bass VI
All original, with the original Fender Mute, very good condition, excellent neck. Call for details on this very cool, desirable Fender model.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3515

1966 Fender Jazz Bass
Super cool, great condition, with lollipop tuners, binding on the neck and super smooth action. All original!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3517

1952 Fender Precision Bass
This is one of the originals! Very good condition and entirely original. This is being sold with it's matching Wide Panel Bassman Amp and original gig bag! Call for an in hand description.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3666

1983 Fender Elite II P-Bass
1983 Fender Precision Elite II is a unique beast. The 1983 neck is slim and fast, and very comfortable and the active electronics allow for maximum power and flexibility from this 2 pickup model. Sporting 2 active pickups, 2 volume knobs, 1 tone knob, and two small switches: 1 pickup selector and one "tone assign" switch. Classic look with utilitarian electronics, this is a very cool bass. Not only is it cool, but it has very few blemishes. This could be a a great gigging bass or a cool collection piece of interesting '80's pieces. Comes with a hard shell case.
Price: $1599
Stock# 3759

1966 Fender Mustang Bass
Great playing and looking player grade Mustang bass. Refinished in Olympic White, lollipop tuners and OHSC. Neck is slim and very fast. Great punchy sound that will work in a multitude of genres. Great bass!
Price: $1600
Stock# 3799

Fender Mustang Bass
A not often seen competition orange finish on this very clean CIJ Mustang. Great action, great punchy sound, very fun to play. Comes with a hard shell case.
Price: $1200
Stock# 3800

2005 Fender 57 AVRI P-Bass
American Vintage Reissue P-Bass with plenty of honest play wear! This thing was ridden hard and put away wet, and it has a fantastic worn in feel that you just can't fake. Upgraded with a BadAss bridge and comes with OHSC
Price: $1495
Stock# 3841

1978 Fender Musicmaster Bass
Nice overall condition on this late 70's Musicmaster. These are fun little short scale basses that sound nice and punchy and feel great to play. This one is no exception. All original black on black finish and pickguard. Comes with a non original 70's era hard case.
Price: $899
Stock# 3934

1971 Fender Jazz Bass
All original, excellent condition with HSC.
Price: $3995
Stock# 4027

2012 Fender Custom Shop '61 Closet Classic J-Bass
Excellent plus condition on this beautiful Olympic White Jazz Bass. Great neck that is very fast and comfortable. Nicely checked but not over done. Comes with OHSC, COA and case candy.
Price: $1999
Stock# 4186

1976 Fender Jazz Bass
The big story on this bass is how incredibly light weight it is. Coming in right at 9lbs, it feels great and sits very easily over the shoulder. Black finish has been festooned with super cool vintage stickers giving this one a lot of personality. Maple board with blocks and binding round out the extreme cool factor of this bass. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2495
Stock# 4241

2012 Fender American Standard V J-Bass
Like new condition 5 String American Standard with Tort guard and Olympic white finish. Classic vibe with modern capabilities. Comes with OHSC. Did I mention this thing is like new? It is!
Price: $1100
Stock# 4260

1964 Fender Precision Bass
All original custom color Olympic White P-Bass from the last year of the pre-CBS era. This one has clay dots, an L serial number and the neck dates September 64. Very lightweight, slim and comfortable neck profile, and extremely resonant unplugged. Comes with OHSC. Call for an in hand description.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4346

1972 Gibson SB-450
Great weight on this vintage Gibson bass from 1972. These feature a 34" scale and the new (at the time) SB humbuckers! Considered a lower-end Gibson when they were made, these are great basses and accessible to players and collectors alike! Includes gig bag.
Price: $1095
Stock# 3379

1964 Gibson Thunderbird
Great condition on the thundering beast! Action is very nice on this bass, the tone is incredible and it even comes with the bridge and pickup covers. Has had a pro headstock repair.
Price: $3995
Stock# 3529

2012 Gibson Non Reverse Thunderbird
Like new condition, Pelham Blue finish with OHSC.
Price: $1399
Stock# 3904

1987 Gibson Gibson V
Pretty cool and rarely seen Gibson 5 string bass. Very good condition, comes with the hardshell case. Get at that low B!
Price: $1299
Stock# 3905

2009 Gibson SG Bass
Like new, comes with the original hard case. Super smooth playing neck set up perfectly with Thomastic strings. Medium C profile that is very friendly.
Price: $950
Stock# 4261

1967 Ampeg AEB-1
Earn points for some extra cool factor with this incredibly nifty and rather rare Ampeg AEB-1. Scroll headstock and fully hollow, thin body design is a masterful rumination on mid century modern design. The playability is exquisite and the warm thump refuses to quit on this wonderful feeling instrument.
Price: $4100
Stock# 4313

1960 Ampeg Baby Bass
Excellent condition '60's Baby Bass. This one has had a wooden bridge installed which only serves to add warmth and richness to the sound. Playability is extremely high on this particular example and it shows very little wear from the rigors of father time. You could say that this bass has been "babied." Comes with stand and bag.
Price: $2300
Stock# 4315

2014 Ashdown ABM 500 EVO 3
Brand new Ashdown head!
Price: $799
Stock# 2349

2014 Ashdown MAG 115 Cabinet
Brand new 1x15" bass cab. 250 big boy watts.
Price: $299
Stock# 2350

2014 Ashdown MAG410T Cabinet
Brand new 4x10" cabinet. 450 big ole watts. Annoy your neighbors!
Price: $399
Stock# 2351

2014 Ashdown MAG 300 C-115 Combo
Brand new Ashdown bass combo. 1x15" speaker.
Price: $599
Stock# 2352

2014 Ashdown ABM410H
Brand new! 4x10" cab loaded with Blueline speakers. 600 watts!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2353

2014 Ashdown ABM115 Cabinet
Brand new 1x15" cab with Blue Line speaker. 500 watts!
Price: $449
Stock# 2354

2014 Ashdown Five 15 Combo
Brand New Ashdown Five 15 1x15" combo amp at 100watts
Price: $399
Stock# 2355

2014 Ashdown MAG 300 C210 EVO 3 Combo
Brand new 2x10" combo amp! This thing is a rumble machine!
Price: $699
Stock# 2356

2014 Ashdown Perfect 10
Brand new 1x10" 40 watt combo. Awesome practice amp!
Price: $249
Stock# 2357

Boogieman Custom
Great Alembic style bass! Very cool handmade instrument with premium tone woods. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1599
Stock# 3889

2014 Danelectro Wildfire
Brand new! Very cool. Plays great, fun guitar.
Price: $419
Stock# 2687

2014 Danelectro Longhorn Bass
Brand new copper burst dan-o longhorn. VERY COOL!
Price: $419
Stock# 2688

De Gier Bebop 5 String
Impeccably built 5 String pseudo-Fender style bass built in the Netherlands. Outstanding playability and tone on this wonderful boutique made bass! Shoreline gold finish makes this one a looker on top of it all!
Price: $1450
Stock# 4317

Hamer Cruise Bass
This is a totally cool bass! 1980's Hamer with a little bit of a pointed body, but really looking sharp! Olympic White finish has aged beautifully and this has all the vintage mojo and patina of a wonderful old Fender for a fraction of the price. EMG pickups Comes with case.
Price: $650
Stock# 4111

2003 Hofner 500/1 Cavern Club
Hamburg is calling! Get your early Beatle vibe rolling with this fantastic violin bass, commemorative of the formative days of history's greatest band. This is NOS from 2003, and plays and sounds excellent. A terrific bass.
Price: $2399
Stock# 3373

2003 Hofner 500/2 Club
Beautiful flame Maple back and sides on this great bass, made in Germany. Classic stylings based on the original '65 Club bass. These always sound and play great, and the originals are quite rare. Here's a chance to get the same quality, with that famous Hofner sound! Includes a flight case.
Price: $2199
Stock# 3374

2003 Hofner 500/1 Vintage '62 RI
Another NOS, German-made Hofner. This is the classic 500/1 violin bass, based off the original '62 model. Great thump from the pickups and the neck profile is outstanding. These are super fun to play and sound great! Includes HSC.
Price: $2399
Stock# 3375

Ibanez Roadstar II
Nice condition Ibanez Roadstar bass. Great player and easy on the budget.
Price: $349
Stock# 3888

Ibanez SDGR Bass
Great bass for starting out or gigging. Solid sound with a nice feel.
Price: $399
Stock# 3893

2015 Martin BCPA4 Bass
Like new with OHSC. Acoustic bass.
Price: $1499
Stock# 3868

Mosrite Ventures Bass
Vintage 60's Moserite with OHSC. Call for in hand description.
Price: $2499
Stock# 3377


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