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2006 Fender 60th Anniversary Standard Stratocaster
Super cool standard MIM Stratocaster in a very rare Blizzard Pearl finish. Handsome and collectible Stratocaster.
Price: $599
Stock# 4289

Fender Aerodyne Stratocaster
Jet plack finish, bound body, carved top with no pickguard. Super modern, aerodynamic styling make this one a real looker. Single coils sound fantastic and the rosewood 'board is smooth and quick. MIJ build quality is tremendous. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $995
Stock# 3891

Fender American Standard Cabronita Telecaster
The American Standard take on this really popular and groundbreaking Fender original. Black finish and case included.
Price: $1299
Stock# 4296

Fender American Standard Strat
Excellent condition, very lightly used, inca silver metallic with a tort guard make this a very handsome guitar. Comes with the case.
Price: $1099
Stock# 3563

1997 Fender American Standard Stratocaster
Nice condition late 90's Strat. Sunburst finish, maple neck and 'board, 2 point tremolo system, and great sounding pickups. Ideal workhorse guitar to cover all the bases.
Price: $899
Stock# 3367

1997 Fender American Standard Stratocaster
Lefty American Standard in Candy Apple Red with Maple board. Great work horse guitar that will do it all and then some! Comes with Fender hard shell case.
Price: $899
Stock# 3773

2012 Fender American Standard Stratocaster
Like new condition American Strat with an incredibly smooth playing neck. Decked out in a very Gilmour-esque motiff with black on black, maple 'board and cream plastics. Awesome looking guitar and comes with a nice gig bag.
Price: $1099
Stock# 4281

Fender American Standard Telecaster Left Handed
Cool newer American Standard Tele finished in black and made with the southpaw in mind. All stock, maple fretboard with OHSC.
Price: $849
Stock# 4367

2014 Fender American Vintage 54 Reissue Stratocaster
Very limited run Strat done for the 60th anniversary of the Strat in 2014. This one is DEAD MINT NOS. It has been sitting in the case, in the original shipping box since it was directly ordered from Fender. They got everything right on this one. Switch tip is slightly more rounded than normal, pickup covers are also more rounded, knobs are wider, every feature that the early 54 Strat had is painstakingly recreated here. Finished in 2 tone sunburst with a flash coat of nitro, just like in the old days. Comes with all case candy and of course the OHSC.
Price: $2499
Stock# 3575

2015 Fender American Vintage Korina Telecaster
Super cool and now discontinued FSR model for 2015. This one was one of the 15 for 15 limited edition models Fender put out. This one is a Korina body with all the features of the American Vintage 52 reissue Tele. This one is anew old stock model and looks and feels brand new. Comes with case and all paperwork and case candy.
Price: $1899
Stock# 4324

1987 Fender American Vintage Reissue '62 Stratocaster
These are commonly known to be outstanding guitars from a great period in Fender's history. Candy apple red finish with just enough checking and wear to let you know you're playing a 30 year old instrument. Beautiful dark rosewood board with a nice, flat feel that makes lead work a cinch. Comes with the OHSC.
Price: $2195
Stock# 4333

1979 Fender Antiqua Stratocaster
Very nice Antigua Strat. Maple fret board and very nice neck profile, overall good condition with some playwear hear on there. This was someone's main guitar at some point and when you hear it you'll know why. Very warm and articulate cleans in the middle and neck positions. Comes with case.
Price: $1999
Stock# 3608

Fender AVRI '57 Stratocaster
Clean example here of an early 90's Vintage Reissue Strat in a rarer White Blonde finish. This nitrocellulose finish is in great condition and has only slightly gained a hint of patina over the decades, subtly yellowing only a smidge. Neck is a nice 57 V profile that is very comfortable and not as flat as this guitar's 80's counterparts. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1599
Stock# 4228

1986 Fender AVRI 62 Reissue Stratocaster
Gorgeous mid 80's 62 reissue Strat in Olympic White. The finish has yellowed nicely to the typical custard yellow color. Super dark rosewood fretboard that plays very smoothly. Neck is a slim and fast profile, and the pickups bite and quack with the best of them. Comes with a hard case.
Price: $2199
Stock# 3609

2009 Fender Cabronita Especial
Excellent condition Fender Custom Shop 1st run Cabronita. This is the guitar that started the craze! Same batch as the famous Brad Paisley guitar. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $4000
Stock# 3874

1985 Fender Contemporary Strat
Very nice condition Contemporary Strat in super cool Red Chrome color. This color is pretty rare and looks gorgeous. Almost a glowing, slightly pink and absolutely eye catching in person. Pickups sound great, has a really comfortable slightly thinner C profile, and a very flat radius for some serious fret board gymnastics. This was made in Japan and and for this era, as most people are aware, these are better than a lot of their US made counterparts. Locking nut, Schaller Floyd Rose licensed tremolo and Gotoh tuners.
Price: $995
Stock# 4287

1986 Fender Contemporary Stratocaster
Super cool made in Japan contemporary Strat in a gorgeous Candy Chrome Blue finish. EMG pickups and included Roland Synth pickup make this the ultimate late 80's/ early 90's guitar! This is one bad muthah trucker! Comes with tremolo bar and OHSC.
Price: $700
Stock# 4327

1966 Fender Coronado II
Nice condition Coronado II in a very cool 2 tone tobacco sunburst. Guitar plays great and is set up with 10's. It's hard to find a cooler, more distinctive guitar from an aesthetic perspective. This one has nice low action and a slimmer neck profile.
Price: $1250
Stock# 3801

Fender Custom Shop 1955 NOS Stratocaster
Like brand new! 2 tone sunburst with a really nicely done neck carve. It's a bigger profile almost with a D shape. Really spot on appointments and the sound is classic early Strat. Nails Buddy Holly rhythm jangle and gets great, biting leads. Such a neat guitar. Feels like you just fired up the flux capacitor and stepped out of your DeLorean with this thing! Comes with OHSC and COA
Price: $2899
Stock# 4377

Fender Custom Shop 1960 Relic Stratocaster
Like new, very nifty custom order 60 relic with a maple fretboard. Olympic white with mint guard is a color scheme no one can deny. Both classic and impossibly cool at the same time. The neck is worn to perfection with rounded edges and an unparalleled feel. Comes with OHSC and COA.
Price: $2850
Stock# 4376

Fender Custom Shop 63 Telecaster Relic
Very nice shape relic CS Tele in Lake Placid Blue with a super handsome Tort guard makes this one an unusual looker. Sounds good with a nice bright bite and smooth warmth in the neck position. Slim neck profile is great for very quick lead work or articulate complex chording. Dark rosewood boar rounds out the handsome looks on this wonderful used custom shop model. OHSC.
Price: $2499
Stock# 4202

2008 Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour Relic Stratocaster
Mint condition, collector's grade 1st edition Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour Relic Stratocaster. Every detail has been exectly reproduced by Fender to reflect all the modifications and personal touches that David has bestowed on his numero uno Strat over the years. Comes with Original case, also in impeccable condition and all the case candy and COA, including a full color book describing the history of David's guitars and the small tremolo arm. Very cool guitar!
Price: $3800
Stock# 4371

2009 Fender Custom Shop La Cabronita Especial
The original custom shop Cabronita Tele! This one has a rounded, worn in big C profile and a maple neck that imparts all the snap and spank you could ask for. Paired with a roaring set of TV Joneses, this is ready to take you to the neck level. Lightly relic'd black finish completes the classic simplicity of this wonderful design. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3400
Stock# 4295

2009 Fender Custom Shop Nocaster
Near mint condition Custom Shop 51 Nocaster in butterscotch blonde in NOS (no relicing). They nailed it on this one, right down to the dowels on the back of the body. Wondrous big ole' neck profile makes this a fun axe to swing and it's got impressive volume and resonance unplugged with plenty of bite and twang through your favorite amp. Comes with upgraded tweed thermometer case.
Price: $2499
Stock# 4328

1995 Fender Custom Shop Sparkle Telecaster
Like new, near mint condition! Gold sparkle finish custom shop Telecaster. Rosewood board, transitional mid-60's decal, nice medium C neck profile in gorgeous flamed maple. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2899
Stock# 3200

1959 Fender Duosonic
Very clean slab board Duosonic with original case,strap and cord.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 1433

2016 Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster
Like new condition! This gorgeous Strat comes with noisless pickup with an active boost circuit and a very snazzy pewter metallic finish. Comes with OHSC and case candy.
Price: $1499
Stock# 4340

Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster
Probably the best non custom shop offering Fender currently offers. Quater sawn soft V neck profile, custom wound EJ pickups, staggered tuner poles and not trem plate. This one is made with the most discerning player in mind, EJ himself. This one is near new condition with the OHSC and case candy.
Price: $1599
Stock# 4292

1959 Fender Esquire
Very cool refinished 59 Esquire with maple board. Finish is butterscotch and neck pick up has been added. Bridge pickup is original, neck pick up is an older Tele pickup. Call for more details.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3084

1959 Fender Esquire
Killer refinished 59 Esquire with an added neck pickup. Maple fretboard and a nice, slimmer profile make this a blast to play. Comes with a hardshell case and a lot of mojo.
Price: $6999
Stock# 4294

2004 Fender FSR AVRI 52 Telecaster
Rare model American Vintage Reissue 52 Telecaster in a factory black finish with factory gold hardware. This one is definitely a looker and feels great. Comes with a black pickguard to finish off this super cool looking Vintage Reissue. Comes with a hardshell case.
Price: $1750
Stock# 4237

2014 Fender Highway 1 Stratocaster
Handsome devil, this one is! Sunburst finish, anodized pickguard, black plastic and original Fender bag. 22 frets and wonderful feeling neck. The playability is outstanding and you can get this US made Strat for well under a thousand!
Price: $679
Stock# 4320

2008 Fender Highway 1 Telecaster
USA made Tele in near new condition. Great sounding Tele with the classic twang and spank you know and love. Maple fretboard and a great feeling vintage inspired neck profile with a comfy 9.5" neck radius. Has OHSC
Price: $999
Stock# 4300

1964 Fender Jaguar
Excellent condition, nearly all original with the exception of the upgraded Stay Trem bridge. Comes with the original case. Amazing neck on this one.
Price: $3595
Stock# 4001

1964 Fender Jazzmaster
Very good condition, all original, great playing JM. This one has a fantastic neck, clay dots, strat style knobs and Brazilian rosewood 'board. Sounds really good, and playability is definitely there! Comes with OHSC.
Price: $4850
Stock# 2997

Fender Masterbuilt Gold Sparkle Strat
Masterbuilt by Greg Fessler at the Fender Custom Shop, this late 64 Stratocaster is the epitome of cool! Wondrous gold sparkle finish with pefect, not over the top relicing, perfect C profile neck, beautiful rosewood board with clay dots. Comes with all paperwork and OHSC.
Price: $4999
Stock# 2785

1963 Fender Musicmaster
Wow! Great condition single pickup Fender from the golden age! This one has a relatively rare sunburst finish for this model. Comes with the original hardshell case, Brazilian Rosewood fretboard and of course the clay dots. Super cool!
Price: $1299
Stock# 4316

1964 Fender Mustang
Very old refin Mustang in super cool Blue Sparkle finish! Original pick guard has been lacquered over in white. Original pickups and wiring. "A"neck.
Price: $2499
Stock# 3261

1965 Fender Mustang
Very cool all original '65 Mustang. Finish was originally Blue but has greened out due to the yellowing of the nitro lacquer. Comes with OHSC, has a slab Brazilian Rosewood 'board, and a very cool, chunkier C profile that is not often seen on the Mustang. Great guitar!
Price: $1999
Stock# 3859

1972 Fender Mustang
Very cool original competition red finish! Great slim neck and very nice sound. Doesn't have the "plink" that a lot of Mustangs have. Very cool guitar! With OHSC.
Price: $1999
Stock# 3042

1973 Fender Mustang
This one has all the vintage vibe you could ask for. The finish on this Competition Red Mustang has gracefully faded out to a warm orange color and exhibits some really handsome checking and wear overall. The set up is really nice and it plays great. Sounds fantastic as well. Comes with a gig bag.
Price: $1799
Stock# 4353

1978 Fender Mustang
Very clean sunburst Mustang. This one comes with the OHSC. Great vintage guitar for a moderate price.
Price: $1495
Stock# 3855

1980 Fender Squier USA Stratocaster
Nice Dakota Red Stratocaster made in the USA but branded Squier. These are amazing guitars, don't let the logo fool you. This is every bit an American Strat before Fender produced 100's of variations. This is a very cool, maple neck guitar with a great, classic sound for under a grand.
Price: $795
Stock# 4286

1993 Fender Standard Stratocaster
Nice condition, very nice Olympic white finish on this quintessential classic design. Nails the Strat tone you've been looking for!
Price: $499
Stock# 3942

2006 Fender Standard Stratocaster
MIM Strat with black matching headstock on a custom black finish guitar. Fender 60th anniversary commemorative Strat. Very cool!
Price: $449
Stock# 4288

1956 Fender Straocaster
Very rare Alder body on this particular Strat. Refinished period correct 2 tone sunburst by a master finisher who does Collings guitars, 5 way switch installed, incredible V neck on this particular Strat makes it an absolute gem of a player's grade vintage instrument.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3509

1989 Fender Strat Plus
Super cool Strat Plus in a nifty Red burst finish. Sporting Red, silver and Blue fender lace sensors, Fender Schaller poweder coated locking tuners and a Wilkinson locking nut, this was top of the line when released. Still is a very cool guitar and sounds awesome. Comes with case.
Price: $1200
Stock# 4282

1962 Fender Stratcaster
All there 1962 Strat. This neck is actually a little chunkier than one might imagine. Good condition, call for all the details.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3518

1955 Fender Stratocaster
Very well worn and loved Strat. Neck is perfectly played in. Edges naturally rounded to perfection. Here's the deal, was sent to Fender in 1965 and was refinished sunburst, so it features the 60's "target burst" and also is sporting the 65 decal on the headstock, and the bakelite plastic was replaced with 60's knobs, pickup covers and switch tip. Original pickguard is intact.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2978

1956 Fender Stratocaster
The star of the show here is the neck. This neck is one of the most outstanding V necks we've had in recent memory. Perfectly shaped, super comfortable and very easy playing. You won't want to put it down! It has a very old refin that has already weather checked and yellowed out nicely. Call for more details.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3512

1961 Fender Stratocaster
Highly modified player grade vintage Strat! First the good news--slab board rosewood neck, great feeling medium C early 60's profile. Body is original. Guitar is a very old rfin in black and the neck was oversprayed eons ago. Body and original pickguard has been routed to house 3 vintage P-90 black soapbars, and the pots date 61, three toggles have been added. comes with flight case.
Price: $5995
Stock# 4075

1962 Fender Stratocaster
Beautifully playing player's grade Strat from Fender's golden era. A crown jewel guitar if there ever was one. This one is down right affordable compared to a no issues version. Has an old refin, could be overspray because the 3 tone sunburst is so spot on, but we're going to call it a full on refinish. Pots have been changed and it's sporting a repro mint guard. Neck is a little bigger than some. Feels fantastic and sounds great. Comes with old Fender case. Call for a detailed rundown.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3646

1965 Fender Stratocaster
Gorgeous, great condition 65 Strat! Beautiful wood grain on the body, all original pots and electronics. Pick ups date 6/22/65 and are gray bottom. Original back plate is cracked and in the case, original pickguard is also in the case. It has been fitted with a repro guard because the original is slightly damaged near the neck. New owner is welcome to put original back on if they desire. Neck is a nice medium profile with a richly grained piece of Brazilian on the fretboard. Pickups read strong. Original case and ashtray.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3762

1966 Fender Stratocaster
Very near to mint condition Stratocaster. Very cool transitional year with large headstock and transitional logo. Very vibrant 3 tone burst, only slight checking on the headstock, other wise in nearly perfect condition. Comes with OHSC and we have the matching Twin Reverb for sale as well, in the same stunning condition from the original owner.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3516

1966 Fender Stratocaster
Highly modified player's grade Stratocaster from 1966. The neck is outstanding on this one and begs to be played. Medium C profile with Rosewood 'board. Large headstock and transition logo. Purple fine sparkle refin that is O-L-D. Retains one original pickup in the case, but all wiring and pickups have been changed inside of the guitar. Comes with non original case.
Price: $4000
Stock# 4276

1972 Fender Stratocaster
Super clean hardtail Strat with Rosewood fretboard and 3 color sunburst finish. This one is a really nice player and a good investment. Priced to sell!
Price: $2995
Stock# 4278

1972 Fender Stratocaster
Great condition and playing guitar. Very good condition and has been well taken care of. It really has the classic Strat sound and is an excellent way to get into a vintage Fender for less than a new Custom Shop. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3595
Stock# 4279

1973 Fender Stratocaster
Super clean, sunburst finish with rosewood fretboard, great feeling bigger neck profile. Tremolo, and all original. Comes with OHSC. A real wonderful, near collector grade early 70's Strat!
Price: $3595
Stock# 4211

1974 Fender Stratocaster
Wowzers! Very cool '74 Strat. Not too heavy as some of these can be. Natural finish with a black 'guard and white plastics. Such a Smooth playing medium profile with a Maple fretboard. Sound leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2395
Stock# 4280

1975 Fender Stratocaster
Extremely clean, near mint collector grade custom color black stratocaster. Hardtail model. All original with original case. Doesn't get cleaner, and for a 70's era strat, this would be the one to get! Neck also feels great, nice round profile. Rosewood 'board and white plastic. One of the most collectible mid 70's Strats out there!
Price: $4000
Stock# 4207

1978 Fender Stratocaster
Sienna Burst late 70's Strat. This one is a good weight, not too heavy, and plays wonderfully. Fast, slim neck, comes with HSC.
Price: $1899
Stock# 2334

1978 Fender Stratocaster
Extremely clean, custom color white Blonde finish. It would be hard to find a cleaner example of this very cool late CBS era Strat. Classic black pickguard and plastics look great against the white blonde finish. Nice neck profile, and a good weight at 8lbs 3oz. All original, collector grade.
Price: $2250
Stock# 4208

1952 Fender Telecaster
Near immaculate condition. All original with original case with early raised "gator" brown tolex. No issues. Call for an in hand description and price.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3729

1952 Fender Telecaster
All original with original case. Very good condition, with a wonderful neck profile. Pick ups sound phenomenal. Call for in hand description and price.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4039

1952 Fender Telecaster
This is the 1952 Fender Telecaster featured on the cover of Nacho Banos' Blackguard book. This Telecaster was sent back to the Fender factory in 1954 and was stamped there. The neck was refinished at that time and was re-decaled. This is all chronicled and verified, in fact if you look in the book this guitar is the illustration for the Factory stamp used in Fender Factory repairs from the early 50's. All original otherwise. This Tele is an amazing feeling and sounding example of a true American classic.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4303

1960 Fender Telecaster
Outstanding 1960 Telecaster with a refinished body in Palomino Copper finish. Slab board is exceptional as is the neck shape. Refretted and replaced jack. Call for in hand description. OHSC.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3968

1966 Fender Telecaster
Excellent condition Fender Telecaster. Nice slimmer profile neck, transition logo, pearl dot inlays. Great example of a transitional Tele. Feels amazing and sounds like a Tele should. With OHSC.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2574

1967 Fender Telecaster
Olympic white, rosewood 'board, all original electronics, only things changed are the strap buttons. Neck is a wee bit fatter than one might normally expect on this make and model, in a good way. Plays absolutely wonderfully. Sound is right as well. Has that late 60's bite with a hint of roundness that makes it a very versatile choice. Call for more info.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3141

1967 Fender Telecaster
Nice and clean example of a very desirable Maple Cap fretboard '67 Tele. Normal body, no smuggler route, but still pretty lightweight compared to other late 60's Teles. Weighs in at a svelte 7lbs 13oz. All original, blonde finish in the last full year of nitro lacquer for Fender. Neck has had the finish rubbed off somewhat on the back and the fretboard shows moderate play wear. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $7295
Stock# 4257

1968 Fender Telecaster
We have a great example of a custom color, late 60's Tele here. This one is finished in gorgeous Lake Palcid Blue with minimal greening. The blue is vibrant and in great condition. Neck is maple with a maple cap. Call for an in hand description of this very special guitar!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3313

1967 Fender Telecaster "Custom"
Highly sought after 60's Telecaster with the rare "custom" designation with the double body binding. Call for an in hand description of this fantastic and collectible guitar.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4299

1972 Fender Telecaster Custom
Excellent inaugural year Tele Custom in natural. Condition is excellent plus, all original with original ashtray. Light weight, dark rosewood board with a very welcoming C profile. OHSC.
Price: $3599
Stock# 3763

1973 Fender Telecaster Custom
All original, thinline body with 2 Fender wide range humbuckers. Great feeling neck and comes with the OHSC.
Price: $3999
Stock# 4293

1979 Fender Telecaster Custom
A real raod warrior. This is a heavily played example of a very cool model. It isn't the lightest guitar on the block, but the heft let's you know you're playing a substantial instrument, and many will argue that the extra weight imparts extra sustain. The original owner would seem to agree as he obviously played the h-e double hockeysticks out of this guitar, but you can tell he did it with care. Comes with case.
Price: $2995
Stock# 4297

1978 Fender Telecaster Deluxe
Blonde, OHSC, nice full C profile and lots of life left on the frets. Wide Range humbuckers are very vibrant with a great tonal palette and nice and clear. Worn in all the right places.
Price: $2995
Stock# 3817

1969 Fender Telecaster Thinline
Very nice natural finish Telecaster Custom. All original except one changed pot. Early example of this very sought after instrument. One filled hole on headstock from a D/G string tree. Otherwise no condition issues. Call for price and in hand description.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3794

2007 Fender Todd Krause Masterbuilt Stratocaster
50th Anniversary 57 reissue Custom Shop Strat masterbuilt by Todd Krause. Comes with OHSC, COA, all case candy, and matching relic'd Pro Junior Tweed amp. Excellent condition with a wonderful 50's neck profile with a hint of a V from the first to about 5th fret. Outstanding example of a rare and very collectible limited edition model.
Price: $4995
Stock# 4129

Fender VG
Price: $1295
Stock# 1230

1959 Gibson 3/4 Melody Maker
Killer little, and we mean that literally, gem from the golden year for Gibson electrics. Great condition, all original, kid's guitar gone collectible. This is a super fun guitar to play around the house or to re-inspire you to approach the instrument differently. Neck is a good size even though the scale is shorter. This is a more desirable big pickup model as well! Comes with OSSC.
Price: $1650
Stock# 4212

2015 Gibson 60's ES-335
Like new condition, OHSC and COA. This is a brand new model for 2015. Lots of very cool new features including locking tailpiece, Grover Milk bottle tuners, historic truss rod, and bone nut. Glorious slim neck feels great and is very fast. This one has the gloss finish and Burstbucker 1 and 2 pickups.
Price: $2799
Stock# 3824

2014 Gibson 63 Historic ES-335
We've had a bunch of these, and they are consistently fantastic. This one is no different. This is like brand new, and comes with everything. VOS sunburst finish, long neck tenon, historic harness, chunky 60's neck, aged binding, and pointy "ears".
Price: $3499
Stock# 3321

1968 Gibson Barney Kessel Custom
Very nice condition upscale vintage jazz guitar. All original and fresh off a pro set up, this one plays beautifully and rings clearly and warmly over the entire fret board. Original Pat # pickups sound incredible with a rich complexity that really lets details shine through. Woody and warm with a great bite in the treble position. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3500
Stock# 4306

1997 Gibson Blueshawk
Excellent condition Blueshawk in Transparent Cherry Red with original hardshell case. These guitars are kind of hard to find and have a dedicated following. These are very lightweight and incredibly versatile guitars!
Price: $900
Stock# 4251

1998 Gibson Blueshawk
Very clean, all original, sapphire blue finish, 2 P-90's 5 way blade switch and original hardshell case. Very cool guitars that are pretty hard to come by. By the way, we do have another in Cardinal red so you do have options!
Price: $900
Stock# 4250

1960 Gibson Byrdland
All original with the exception of the pickup covers, this gorgeous natural finish Byrdland is in great cosmetic condition and comes with it's original case with original case cover. Has typical fine checking on the original nitro finish, smaller neck feels great and has very springy and playable action. The feel is great and it is really inspiring and fun to play this guitar. Craftsmanship is absolutely wonderful and from Gibson's golden era. Florentine cutaway, PAF's flower pot headstock inlay, all the cool stuff!
Price: $11900
Stock# 4083

Gibson Custom Shop 67 RI Flying V
Super cool white Flying V from the Gibson custom shop. If you've been jonesing for a V this is the one! Very cool white finish has yellowed out to a perfect cream color, perfectly offset by the white 3 ply pick guard. Slimmer C profile means this troublemaker is as fast as the dickens and the tone is phenomenal. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3199
Stock# 3237

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom Lefty
Southpaws rejoice! A very cool, near new condition Custom Shop Les Paul Custom. Comes with the OHSC. Near new condition. Very fast slim taper 60's neck. Nothing but cool on this one.
Price: $3250
Stock# 2863

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Sparkle
Very cool custom shop creation. This LEs Paul sports an unforgettable sparkle burst finish, 57 classic zebras, ebony board and bound headstock. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2999
Stock# 2854

1996 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Standard
This is one snazzy stage guitar! Silver sparkle finish with huge metal flakes and a factory Bigsby vibrato make this is a seriously handsome Les Paul. These are few and far between. This already hot rodded 6 string comes with a DiMarzio pickup in the bridge but still retains the original in the original case.
Price: $2999
Stock# 4332

2011 Gibson Custom Shop R8 Les Paul Standard
Excellent plus condition on this gorgeous R8 Historic in a very rare Ebony finish. Neck has an exceedingly comfortable profile that feels more like a well worn in R9 than the often clubbier R8 profiles. Burstbucker pickups, bone stock with OHSC.
Price: $3695
Stock# 4342

1962 Gibson ES-120 T
Good condition, great, low action and warm jazzy tone. These are a blast to play and the hollow thin line body makes for a very comfortable jazz box. Comes with HSC.
Price: $1499
Stock# 3294

1951 Gibson Es-125
Very clean, sounds fantastic, a perfect jazz guitar on a budget. Collector's grade with a warm P-90. Great way to get into a golden era Gibson for under 2k
Price: $1995
Stock# 3238

1954 Gibson ES-125
Very clean, excellent example of an early/mid 50's 125. All stock in very good condition. Great Vintage Gibson at an affordable price. Comes with case.
Price: $1995
Stock# 3665

1961 Gibson ES-125
Nice slim and fast neck on this one. Finish has been worn down on the back of the neck and it's easy to see why. It's very hard to put this guitar down. Rest of the guitar is in very good shape. Sounds nice, warm and woody. Comes with HSC.
Price: $1695
Stock# 3062

2004 Gibson ES-137 Classic
Very cool modern era Gibson model. Think about a semi-solid version of a ES-175 in a thin, but too thin thinline. Dual 57 classic humbuckers sound rich and articulate. Maple center block adds a nice bitey top end making this the ideal workhorse guitar with the ability to go from warm and woody to bright and brash. Finished in a very rare and super cool silver metallic. Comes with HSC
Price: $1750
Stock# 4365

1957 Gibson ES-225TD
Super clean, collector grade condition, sunburst finish, 2 pickup model with original Lifton case.
Price: $4595
Stock# 3638

1953 Gibson ES-295
Excellent condition, no issues guitar with OHSC. Call for an in hand description.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3425

1966 Gibson ES-330
Price: $3750
Stock# 1061

1959 Gibson ES-335
Holy grail guitar. Perfect late 50's neck, nice and chunky, but not a baseball bat. All original. Call for in hand description.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3792

1962 Gibson ES-335
Very nice condition ES-335 in Cherry. Cherry is still very vibrant. Please call for an in hand description of this stunning instrument.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3504

1966 Gibson ES-335
Collector grade '66 335 with factory Bigsby. No weather checking, no issues, all there with the original case which is also very clean. Neck is very comfortable and does not have the toothpick feel from the 1 9/16" nut width that many of these have. Truly a great feeling and playing neck. An impeccable example of a mid 60's 335.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3625

1970 Gibson ES-335
Very good condition 1970 ES-335 in a vibrant, excellent condition Cherry finish. The look and feel of this guitar harken much closer to a late 60's feel and look than it does to a Norlin era 70's model. This guitar is proof that a switch did not just flip in the Gibson factory Jan 1, 1970, and these early 70's production Gibsons can still be real winners. This guitar is all original and does come with a 60's era Gibson case.
Price: $4799
Stock# 3932

2009 Gibson ES-335 Dot Reissue
Excellent condition cherry finish ES-335. Slim taper neck that feels great. Warm and woody or bright and bitey, these are the guitars that can do it all. This is a superb example with 57 classic pickups and original hard shell case.
Price: $2350
Stock# 3929

2007 Gibson ES-335 Historic 59 Reissue
Nashville made historic 335 in cherry. This is as good as they make 'em, folks. This one is in excellent condition and has had the wiring replaced with an upgraded vintage correct RS guitarworks wiring harness. Sound extremely warm and woody. Comes with COA and OHSC.
Price: $4150
Stock# 2886

1957 Gibson ES-350T
All original, with amazing sounding PAF's, good overall condition with the original case. Neck is a wonderful, almost U profile. This guitar is woody and warm while being able to dial in a little bite and cut when turned up on the bridge pickup. A very utilitarian instrument with supreme elegance of design.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3961

2016 Gibson ES-355 VOS
Outstanding specimen of a guitar. This is a top of the line model with a perfectly rounded 59 profile that is slightly less bulky that what you might see on a 335 Historic or R9 for instance. Rolled binding makes this a dream to play. 57 Classic pickups deliver quintessential PAF tone, VOS finish looks amazing and binding is nicely yellowed. Comes with OHSC and COA.
Price: $4399
Stock# 4168

1937 Gibson EST-150
Very rare, very cool Gibson electric Tenor with Charlie Christian pickup. Very good condition, with original strap and case. A very nifty conversation piece and a super cool tool to put into your guitar arsenal!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3603

1963 Gibson Firebird III
Excellent condition, all original, brilliant sunburst finish. Great neck, easy playing, with a great biting tone in the bridge and a nice warm mid rangey neck sound. Call for an in hand description.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3522

1964 Gibson Firebird III
Great condition, comes with the OHSC. This one is a rock and roll blues machine.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3526

1965 Gibson Firebird III
Very good condition, all original, has a wider nut width than to be expected for a '65. Nice full C profile on the neck. Call for more details on this very nifty guitar!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3528

1984 Gibson Flying V
Great looking finish checking on this great V. Neck pickup is changed, and has 2 small hole where a non original tremolo once lived. Back to stock with replaced tailpiece and bridge. Very fast neck. OHSC.
Price: $899
Stock# 3835

2015 Gibson Flying V
This special run Flying V was made in the USA for the Japanese market. This Polaris White finish is sporting late 60's features like a headstock volute and witch hat knobs. This one is in brand new condition. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1799
Stock# 4359

2012 Gibson Futura
Gibson Custom Shop Futura in a very cool Green metallic finish. The neck on this very unique instrument is a big, 50's profile and is very comfortable. Sound is versatile with a warm neck position and a very bitey, pushed sound from the bridge. A lot of accentuated mids make this an ideal rock guitar with the option to go other directions. Of course it comes with the case!
Price: $2800
Stock# 3584

2001 Gibson Gary Moore Les Paul Standard
Killer AA flame top, 50's neck profile,, orange drop caps, Granadillo Fretboard, burstbucker pro pickups, and Tone Pros Kluson style tuners. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2695
Stock# 3030

2008 Gibson Historic 54 Reissue Les Paul Custom
Very nice condition with only light play wear. Amazing feeling neck on this one with rounded shoulders and a nice, bigger profile that is not overly large, but is no where near "slim". Alnico V pickup in the neck is revelatory with a warm, open clarity that is is unmatched in any other pickup. P-90 sounds great in the bridge position, and like so many of these wonderful historic Customs, the snap that the Ebony lends to the attack on these really is special. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3995
Stock# 4264

2005 Gibson Johnny A
Very nice condition Johnny A. This is certainly one of the coolest and most sought after signature models Gibson has come out with in semi-recent memory. Ebony board with custom designed "sea shell" inlays, single piece solid Mahogany back with a two piece carved flame maple top. Multi ply binding throughout, and 57 classic pickups round out this extraordinary instrument. Has a factory Bigsby and all the snazz factory any one guitar should ever wield. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3850
Stock# 3972

Gibson Johnny A Signature
The Johnny A model has really become one of the coolest modern era Gibson electrics. Such a cool take on the traditional semi-hollow design with a really exciting and sharp aesthetic that is at once thoroughly modern while feeling like it could have just as easily stepped out of 1958. This particular example is nice and clean, with light play wear and a stop tail rather than the more common Bigsby model. This one has the OHSC.
Price: $3650
Stock# 4360

1952 Gibson Les Paul
First year Les Paul with the gold finished neck. Someone along the way took most of it off, but the headstock remains brilliantly gold! Neck is a very comfortable chunkier C with very nicely rounded, worn edges. P-90's sound strong on this one and the tone is exceptional. Call for all the details on this old bird!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3520

1993 Gibson Les Paul Classic
This one has the years in it, making it a classic in more ways than one. Gorgeous cherry sunburst finish, vibrant tight flame top with nice vertical grain runnign through. No pickguard and 490R and 498T pickups make this a little rock and roll monster. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2295
Stock# 3980

2001 Gibson Les Paul Classic
Nice condition with a beautiful faded cherry burst- very Page-esque. Neck pickup has been replaced with a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates. Plays very nice with low action. OHSC
Price: $1699
Stock# 3917

2002 Gibson Les Paul Classic
Has replaced pickups which are Duessenberg humbucker in the bridge position and a single coil Duessenberg in the neck. Great condition.
Price: $1799
Stock# 3491

2005 Gibson Les Paul Classic
Great condition Les Paul Classic that lives up to its name. Delivers absolutely classic LP tones and the looks to match. Tobacco sunburst on this exquisite plain top provide an understated elegance that you can't beat. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1750
Stock# 3991

2008 Gibson Les Paul Classic
Excellent condition. Great sound out of these 'buckers! Sure is one handsome '60 RI Goldtop! Includes Gibson HSC.
Price: $2099
Stock# 2691

2005 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus
Great looking Les Paul with figured Flame top and very hot 496R Humbucking pickups. Great guitar for rock and roll. This guitar represents the embodiment of what you hope a Les Paul will be when you pick it up. Great looking, fast playing and pure blues rocking!
Price: $1895
Stock# 3990

1959 Gibson Les Paul Custom
3 PAF's, all original with the exception of a refinished back and sides. Top is the original finish, and neck plays nicely. This is the ultimate player's LPB3! Call for more details on this uniques instrument.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3519

1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Great feeling neck on this one, slim and fast. She has been played, but loved and not abused. The pickups have been swapped with Antiquities and they sound phenomenal. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3099
Stock# 3791

1978 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Cool player's grade Les Paul Custom. 3 holes in the top from a Bigsby, fine tuning tailpiece added, Schaller tuners, replaced knobs and Duncan pickups. Sound is wonderful and it plays great! Comes with a, you guessed it, non original hardshell case.
Price: $2699
Stock# 3921

1978 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Here's a late 70's Les Paul Custom in a nice cherry sunburst. A great amount of play wear gives this guitar a boatload of mojo and street cred. Pick up covers have been removed at some point, and why not? Nothing getting in the way of that sweet, pure tone. Slim neck is super fast and this one comes with the original case!
Price: $2895
Stock# 4205

1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Very good condition. Finish has aged nicely to a rich cream color, and the gold hardware has very little wear or pitting. Neck is a really nice slim taper profile that is fast without feeling too thin. Tuners have been upograded to gold Schallers. Comes with the original case.
Price: $3500
Stock# 3926

1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom
This is a great example of the venerable Black Beauty. Played a lot and for good reason! It sounds fantastic and the neck is very worn with nice, rounded shoulders that feel like a long lost friend. Definitely worth looking into this guitar if you've been in the market for an outstanding Les Paul with a history and unmistakable Gibson vibe. With HSC.
Price: $3199
Stock# 3989

1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Good condition, great sounding Custom in a slightly mellowed wine red finish. Very snappy response from the Ebony fret board, with a warm and woody neck pickup and a hot cutting bridge pickup. A super cool LP Custom, for sure. Comes with a hard shell case.
Price: $2799
Stock# 3988

1985 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Killer 1985 Les Paul Custom in white. Color has yellowed out very nicely and evenly over time. Gold has a nice patina, pickups are pretty hot on this one and sound great cranked through a Plexi or even a Super Reverb. Overall condition is very good with only minor dings and play wear. Pickups are not the Bill Lawrence circuit board, they're the stamped patent numbers. Much richer and complex sounding. Comes with case.
Price: $3495
Stock# 3977

1986 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Excellent condition, beautiful example of a Custom. Finish has that glossy factory shine with a little patina on the gold hardware. light buckle rash but that's about it. Sound is great with a nice feeling slim C shaped neck. Original case included.
Price: $3295
Stock# 4177

1988 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Great condition, white finish with slight yellowing. Total Randy Rhodes guitar. Black pickguard, gold hardware is nicely patina'd, neck is slimmer and very fast. Ebony fretboard is smooth and silky. Sounds great as well. Pickups are actually very warm and rich going clean and break up nicely through a pushed amp.
Price: $3499
Stock# 3324

2010 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Stolen! Stolen Stolen. One pickup LP Custom from the Custom Shop Serial # 701290 Please call us if you see this guitar.512 428 9100,Thank you.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 1497

1989 Gibson Les Paul Custom 3 Pickup
If we can just be honest with ourselves for a second, I think that we can all agree that no electric guitar ticks all the cool factor boxes like a 3 pickup Les Paul Black Beauty. Everything about this guitar is upper crust class. Taking one of these to a bar gig feels like wearing a tuxedo to Nascar race, but sometimes it just feels too good not to! This one is a 35th anniversary model with a small extra inlay in the middle of the split diamond inlay on the headstock. Neck is a medium C profile and feels perfect. Very fast, smooth annd unencumbering. Feels like an old pal! Comes with OHSC and literature.
Price: $3999
Stock# 4224

2014 Gibson Les Paul Custom Classic
Like new with OHSC. Gorgeous natural top. Slimmer 60's profile neck.
Price: $1850
Stock# 3005

1987 Gibson Les Paul Custom Custom Color
Very rare and super clean. Barely a mark on this Charcoal Metallic Les Paul Custom. Slim, fast neck, with Ebony 'board and all the good, snappy tones you'd expect from a Les Paul Custom. This color is really cool because it doesn't detract from the original look of a Custom, but upon closer inspection the deep, 3D dark grey metallic adds a layer of depth to the color and a rarity that is a collector's dream. OHSC
Price: $3995
Stock# 3920

1991 Gibson Les Paul Custom Custom Shop
Very cool Les Paul Custom in a nicely yellowed out white finish with a very cool, very limited edition Custom Shop LP Custom with Super 400 fretboard inlays. The Diagonal split blocks look very handsome on this wonderful guitar. Also sporting 1st year issue 57 Classics and is a featherweight as far as Les Paul Customs go. This one weighs in at a svelte 9lbs 4 oz. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3850
Stock# 4355

1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
Beautiful example of a LP Deluxe. Maple neck, good weight, very resonant unplugged and mini hum buckers sound great. Light checking , but not too much else to speak of condition-wise. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3200
Stock# 3734

2005 Gibson Les Paul Faded
Very good condition. Minimal lacquer on this one which allows the top grade tone woods to really shine. medium profile on the neck is a real crowd pleaser and the tone from the Burstbucker humbuckers is outstanding. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2495
Stock# 3985

Gibson Les Paul historic G0 1960 RI
Great looking and feeling Gibson historic 1960 reissue LP. This burst is really stunning and is almost a light tangerine in color. Very nice plaintop with excellent wood grain. Neck is a proper 60 slim neck and feels effortless. All the historic features! Naturally aged, looks like Murphy for half the price ! Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3199
Stock# 4040

2004 Gibson Les Paul Historic R8
Great condition, baseball bat neck on this one with nicely rounded shoulders. Plays very nice. Stunning grain on this plain top really set it apart from most plain tops you come across. All original and comes with the OHSC, candy and COA.
Price: $3295
Stock# 3567

1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior
Very nice condition Les Paul Junior. Chinky neck, all original, original case.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3521

1962 Gibson Les Paul Junior
Uber rare sunburst finish on this SG body style Les Paul Junior. All original, a small sticker has been added to the bass side horn. Great neck on this one, perfect medium C profile that is an absolute pleasure to play. This one is for the collector, like we said, very rare!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3510

1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior DC
Great looking 1958 Les Paul Jr DC in cherry. The finish is nice and vibrant and shows plenty of honest checking without any signs of abuse. Neck is a thick beast that feels great and makes the fretboard feel like an effortless dream. A couple of dot markers have fallen off along the way and this one had a crack that was repaired on the headstock. Most certainly not a full break, but a small crack that was filled and glued by our in house luthier and is rock solid. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3750
Stock# 3911

Gibson Les Paul Robot
Excellent condition, fully functioning Blue burst first generation Robot guitar. Comes with the OHSC.
Price: $1999
Stock# 3983

1957 Gibson Les Paul Special TV Model
Outstanding example of a very clean, very original Les Paul TV model. Call for an in hand description.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3501

1974 Gibson Les Paul Standard
Nice condition, good medium profile neck and great sounding pickups. Very cool vintage Les Paul at an affordable price.
Price: $2350
Stock# 3769

1982 Gibson Les Paul Standard
This puppy is a little time capsule example of a great early 80's Les Paul. This Wine Red standard has a great feeling slim profile neck and really barks. Goes from jazzy and warm to it's real wheelhouse of midrange rock and cutting, but still warm treble response. Comes with the original chainsaw case. Both the case and the guitar are as clean as can be!
Price: $2199
Stock# 4195

1983 Gibson Les Paul Standard
Good condition, Black finish, bridge pickup has been replaced with a Seymour Duncan, and comes with the original Chainsaw case. Great playing guitar with tons of classic tone. Breaks up an amp with ease and is quintessential rock and roll!
Price: $2200
Stock# 3627

2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard
All original, beautifully flamed top, caramel burst Les Paul standard with 60's slim taper neck for quick playing. Very resonant and vibrant guitar. Flame is nice, high book matched flame. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2150
Stock# 3452

2003 Gibson Les Paul Standard
Great looking cherry sunburst with very nice flame. This one came factory with no pickguard to show off the top. It's very nice and is sporting a slim taper neck profile and comes with the OHSC. 57 classic round out this wonderful guitar.
Price: $1799
Stock# 4265

2003 Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gorgeous Flame top in a heritage cherry sunburst. No pickguard holes, so you know they were proud of this one. Slim taper 60's neck that feels great and the 57 classics really make this a great, classic sounding and versatile instrument. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1799
Stock# 4331

2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard
Limited edition of 275 of this flame top Les Paul Standard in a mythic deep cherry finish. Flame is rich and 3D in quality and the the neck carve is a really well done slim taper 60's depth with well formed shoulders. Headstock is also bound adding a little extra touch of class to this unique and inspiring instrument.
Price: $2299
Stock# 3981

2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard
This Les Paul standard has been played, but that's a good thing. This neck, with it's slim profile, begs to be played and will keep you wanting jam, practice or perform for hours. Nice subtle flame with a gorgeous 3-d quality on a very nice Desert Burst finish. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1999
Stock# 3595

2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard
Great looking flame top on the killer LP Standard. Pickups have been upgraded with Wolftone humbuckers. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2350
Stock# 3986

2011 Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008 Chambered
Excellent near new condition. They did a chambered Standard in 2008 and they sold so well they reissued them 3 years later. This one is super light, obviously, very resonant and warm and tonally rich. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2195
Stock# 3982

1989 Gibson Les Paul Standard Left handed
Nice Black Les PAul Standard for the southpaws out there. Comes with original Gibson hardshell case. Pickups have been changed out with Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates.
Price: $2150
Stock# 2237

2002 Gibson Les Paul Studio
Black Les Paul Studio all original with HSC. Great Les Paul for under a grand!
Price: $899
Stock# 3137

2012 Gibson Les Paul Studio
Near new condition on this lefty Les Paul Studio in striking Alpine White finish. Nice low action, beefy, throaty and cutting classic Gibson tone for a great price. This is a substantial guitar, make no mistake, and a great find for any lefty out there who feels "left" out of the guitar market.
Price: $1099
Stock# 3987

2011 Gibson Les Paul Tribute Lefty
Gorgeous honey burst finish Les Paul Tribute in a lefty. Score one for the southpaws. Sports burst bucker 1 and 2 pickups. A great rock and roll machine at an affordable price.
Price: $799
Stock# 3369

1962 Gibson Melody Maker D
Prime example of an early 60s Melody Maker. Double cutaway, 2 pickup version. Great attitude! Sounds awesome...Includes OSSC.
Price: $2150
Stock# 2698

Gibson Orville Les Paul
Excellent + condition Japan made Orville by Gibson Les Paul. Slim profile neck is fast and humbuckers have a complex, harmonically rich sound not seen in most Les Pauls in this price range. Comes with HSC.
Price: $1250
Stock# 3830

2014 Gibson R0 Les Paul Chambered
Gorgeous flame top on this 7.1lbs chambered Les Paul Standard historic. Neck is very comfortable with the slim profile and has all of the sought after historic spec features in a stunning cherry sunburst finish without the weight. Comes with OHSC and is in near new condition.
Price: $3795
Stock# 3478

2008 Gibson R6 Les Paul Historic
Good condition, awesome gold color on this one. Nice, big neck and classic tone via a pait of historic P-90's. Comes with OHSC
Price: $3195
Stock# 4096

2009 Gibson R7 Historic Les Paul Gold Top
Excellent condition historic gold top. Great sounding pickups and all the historic specs you've come to know and love. Very nice big C neck profile that imparts excellent sustain and playability. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3199
Stock# 3978

Gibson R8 Les Paul
Great condition, VOS finish in a Tobacco burst with a nice tasteful flame. Big neck on this one. Comes with OHSC and COA.
Price: $3495
Stock# 3291

1999 Gibson R9 Les Paul Historic
Near Mint R9. This one is like it was made yesterday and the top is sporting a visually stunning 3D flame that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. Neck is what you'd expect, big and round without being obtrusive or fatiguing. The pickups sound great and are biting and growling when crancked and can be sweet and mid range-y with a round bottom when clean. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $4499
Stock# 2868

1977 Gibson RD Artist Custom
3 tone sunburst, ebony fretboard with block inlays, multi ply bound headstock with spirit inlay, Moog electronics and Duncan zebra in the bridge position. Plays great and sounds awesome. One of the coolest rock and roll guitars ever designed! Excellent condition. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1799
Stock# 4368

1981 Gibson Sonex 180 Deluxe
Excellent condition with OHSC, which is a feat unto itself. The case for this is super rare. The guitar itself is in excellent condition. A very cool addition to any serious Gibson collection.
Price: $1000
Stock# 3735

1976 Gibson Super 400
Excellent condition Super 400. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $7995
Stock# 2933

1977 Gibson Super 400
Very clean Super 400 in gorgeous natural finish. All original, playability is superb and it sounds like it should. One the world's preeminent jazz boxes. Call for in hand description.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3372

1968 Gibson Trini Lopez
All original, excellent condition, Cherry is a deep unfaded red with great wood grain peeking through. Nut is obviously narrow, but is very comfortable and much less pencil-y than some late 60's can seem. The T-tops on this guitar are round, warm and rich in the neck and articulate and punchy with a nice brightness in the bridge.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3532

2011 Gibson VOS 57 Les Paul Custom Historic
One off Pelham Blue Burst Gibson Custom Shop Historic 57 Les Paul Custom. It's hard to imagine it getting any rarer, or cooler! The lightly aged nickel hardware really sets off the subtle burst of silver, burgundy and, of course, Pelham. Guitar is chambered and is super light, especially for a Les Paul Custom. It weighs in at 8lbs 2oz, so it's not overly light, so you know you're still playing a Les Paul, but will give you the freedom to play all night long. Comes with OHSC, COA and case candy. AWESOME Custom one off!
Price: $3899
Stock# 4216

1959 Gretsch 6119 Tennessean
Very clean 6119. Single filtertron, 0 fret, thumbnail fret markers, this guitar is oozing with cool factor. Comes with OHSC
Price: $3995
Stock# 2473

1961 Gretsch 6120 DC
Very cool orange finish Chet Atkins 6120 double cut thinline. All original with the exception of the pots. Plays great and has original Gretsch hardshell case.
Price: $5995
Stock# 3007

1966 Gretsch 6122 Country Gentleman
A glorious instrument from the Gretsch glory days! All original and sporting a great medium profile neck. Of course the binding is crumbling, but that's oar for the course on these. Pickups sound great. Classic Gretsch tone! Comes with case.
Price: $3299
Stock# 4086

1957 Gretsch 6128 Duo Jet
Good overall condition. Awesome sounding Dynasonic piuckups. Comes with OHSC. Call for more info.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 2954

1998 Gretsch 62 RI Country Classic II 6122
Like new condition, so, so clean and so, so cool! All 24k gold hardware, upgraded Grover imperial tuners, Bigsby, thumbnail fret markers, Ebony board, Filter-Tron pickups and OHSC. Very similar to the model George Harrison used to play in the early days of the Beatles.
Price: $1799
Stock# 4244

1970 Gretsch Country Club
Nice condition Gretsch Country Club with gold hardware and Bigsby vibrato. Beautiful block inlays, bound F holes and multi-ply binding make this a very handsome instrument indeed. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2400
Stock# 4102

Gretsch G6120 Roundup
Like new condition with western motif in a Duo Jet body. Certainly one of the handsomest guit-fiddles this side of the Mississip! Bigsby equipped with cowboy case and glorious sounding Dynasonic pickups!
Price: $2395
Stock# 3862

1967 Gretsch Tennessean
Very nice condition Gretsch Tennessean with Bigsby and Hi-Lo tron pickups. Action is great on this guitar and what's more is that the binding is in very good overall condition. No chipping like you will often find on Gretsches from this era. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2795
Stock# 3933

Gretsch Tennessee Rose
Newer Gretsch Tennessee Rose in great condition. Deep, dark cherry finish, painted F holes, and smooth playing neck. Comes with HSC.
Price: $1695
Stock# 3012

2016 Gretsch White Falcon G6139T CBDC
Brand new thinline body White Falcon with a solid Spruce center block and a double cutaway body. Very handsome and sounding great with the Filtertron pickup and Bigsby. Gold to the bone! Comes with Factory hard shell case.
Price: $2999
Stock# 4374

1976 Gretsch White Falcon Stereo
Very nice condition white falcon with a stereo output. Finish is in excellent condition overall, the gold is very bright and untarnished on the hardware as well. Call for an in hand description of the this very special Gretsch.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3555

Gretsch White Penguin
Like new Gretsch White Penguin with Dynasonic pickups, gold G tailpiece, hump inlays with lotus and wing motif on the inlays. Super fast neck, OHSC!
Price: $2495
Stock# 3427

1994 Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 10 Top
Gorgeous cherry burst with an incredible top. Near mint condition, OHSC.
Price: $2299
Stock# 3730

2012 Paul Reed Smith DGT
Super cool custom color Powder Blue all Mahogany David Grissom PRS. This guitar is a super special model, taking classic elements from a vintage Les Paul Junior, refining them, adding incredible versatility with humbuckers specially voiced to David's specs and contouring the body for maximum playing comfort and tonal response. This one comes with OHSC.
Price: $2195
Stock# 4062

2007 Paul Reed Smith Johnny Hiland 10 top
Breathtaking 10 top on this maple capped, mahogany body guitar. Neck is a beautiful figured maple with a maple fretboard. Plays effortlessly, and the custom spec'd pickups sound outstanding. Rich with harmonic complexity and warm, bright and cutting in tone. Comes with OHSC and is in excellent condition. These are not too often see, so don't wait. We have this priced to sell!
Price: $2395
Stock# 4061

2005 Paul Reed Smith McCarty
Very nice flame top on this one. Smooth and very playable. A great guitar! Nice condition and pickups are very warm.
Price: $1450
Stock# 2996

1965 Airline JB Hutto Res-O-Glass
Super cool, great condition and excellent playting Airline JB Hutto. Pots date 1965, but this could be mistaken for a reissue. Awesome condition, and the action is low and easy, believe it or not! This is a killer stage guitar! Comes with OHSC!
Price: $2195
Stock# 4259

2014 American Apperal AVG T's
100% Cotton Nice Fitting and Good Looking!
Price: $16
Stock# 2481

B.C. Rich Exotic Custom Mockingbird
Very cool and expressive Mockingbird. comes with the OHSC. Plays very smoothly with no dead spots and a very resonant unplugged tone. Into an amp it is lively and spanky with a lot of output. Great rock guitar!
Price: $699
Stock# 4270

1966 Baldwin Nu-Sonic
Very kitchy and cool Burns made Baldwin Nu-Sonic solid body electric in a pseudo Strat style body. 2 single coil pick ups with a very interesting sound. Kind of phasey. Made in England and a total british invasion garage band guitar! Comes with a Fender hardshell case.
Price: $749
Stock# 3629

1960 Danelectro Convertible 5015
A pretty rare model of a Dano! Dating from the early/mid 60's this convertible is fully hollow with a single lipstick pickup. Very vibey and fun to play either acoustically or plugged in. Comes with gig bag.
Price: $750
Stock# 4169

Danelectro Double Neck
Wowzers! Baritone and standard 6 string double neck, comin' atcha! Gorgeous blue fine sparkle finish in great shape with 4 lipstick pickups make this flashy beast both toneful and utilitarian. Make a big statement and a big sound with this really neat guitar.
Price: $799
Stock# 4229

1965 Epiphone Coronet "Dwight"
Very rare and original Dwight truss rod cover Coronet. Sold directly exclusively through the Sonny Shields music shop in St. Louis, MO. Has had a Bigsby installed at some point so there are 4 extra holes in the top. Comes with hardshell case, and it sounds great!
Price: $2250
Stock# 2807

1963 Epiphone Coronet Silver Fox
Very handsome first year "Silver Fox" run Coronet. Gently routed for a humbucker at some point, the pickup area has been slightly enlarged. Bridge is a Wilkinson replacement. All else is original. Very nice overall condition with light checking throughout. Great playing neck on the one with a groovy medium C profile that is perfect for comfort. Comes with case.
Price: $2500
Stock# 4178

1961 Epiphone Crestwood Custom
Amazingly cool guitar! Call for an in hand description
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3503

Epiphone Les Paul
Gorgeous flame top Les Paul in Wine Red. This is the epitome of class! New reduced price!
Price: $399
Stock# 2491

Epiphone Les Paul
This is a super clean, near new condition Les Paul Standard in a visually pleasing Cinnamon Burst with a great flame top. This guitar sounds great and is ideal for the intermediate player that wants professional tone and feel at an affordable price point. This guitar will not disappoint.
Price: $499
Stock# 3560

Epiphone Les Paul SG Custom
Super nifty Limited Edition Custom Shop Epi alert! 3 pickups, Lyre Vibrola, gold hardware, Ebony fretboard and block inlays make this one of the handsomest Epi's we've seen in a while. Slim taper 60's neck profile is quick and precise. Comes with a HSC.
Price: $599
Stock# 4271

2010 Epiphone LesPaul Special TV
Excellent condition Limited Edition Epiphone Custom shop Special in TV yellow. Comes with a HSC.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4037

Epiphone Limited Edition Custom Shop Les Paul Standard
Custom Shop, Limited Edition and oh so shiny! Silver sparkle finish makes quite a statement on this Les Paul Standard model. All the best of Epiphone have been funneled into this excited guitar. Perfect for the stage if you want to blind your audience with ripples of awesome coming off every nuanced movement and play of light. As for sound, this one pays off in big dividends! Huge soaring Les Paul tones ooze right out of this one and you would easily mistake it for a real Gibson version in a blind test. Comes with case.
Price: $599
Stock# 4272

1960 Epiphone Zephyr
Unbelievably clean 1960 Epiphone Zephyr with white badge logo on the headstock. Mini humbuckers sound amazing. Warm, rich tone on the rhythm pickup and stingy and biting in the bridge. Comes with very clean OHSC.
Price: $3499
Stock# 2238

2002 Fernandes Nomad Deluxe
Like new condition, Built in speaker and effects.Travel size,with gig bag and adaptor.
Price: $595
Stock# 2386

First Act Custom Shop Delia
The best First Act has to offer. Bookmatched flame top on a killer semi-hollow guitar. Gold hardware, ebony fretboard. Made in the USA by the guys that now run Gibson's custom shop.
Price: $1899.99
Stock# 2784

2001 Fred Stuart 50's Stratocaster
A masterfully wrought 50's style Stratocaster in an incredibly tastefully aged white blonde finish by Custom Shop masterbuilder Fred Stuart. Flamed maple neck with a generously round D profile. Incredible sounding pickups and very cool pinup lacquered on to the back contour. Comes with a weather beaten, but original HSC.
Price: $2899
Stock# 4277

Guild Artist Award Model
Glorious, extremely high end Benedetto made Guild Artist Award archtop. Please call for details.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3289

Guild M-80
late 70's/ early 80's Guild M-80 electric. Solid maple body, 24 fret neck, two humbuckers, and plays nice in low. In good cosmetic condition. Comes with OHSC
Price: $1099
Stock# 2320

Guild S-60 D
Great playing all Mahogany electric! 1970's, lots of tone and very vibey. An excellent guitar at a player's price! Comes with HSC.
Price: $799
Stock# 3643

1973 Guild Starfire IV
Great condition Starfire with Guild pickups and a natural finish. Very slim neck with low action makes for a super fast playing experience. Equally at home in a jazz or rock context and has a unique and highly diversified sonic palette. Comes with hard case.
Price: $1899
Stock# 4274

Guild X-170
Super cool, vintage vibed Guild X-170 Hollow Body electric. The finish is checking in a very cool way and despite this guitar being less than 25 years old, it really looks the part of a seasoned road warrior. Sound is rich and dynamic with sweet mids and a nice woody low end. Bigsby looks great and lets you get a wee bit twangy with a little extra bite from the extra metal. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1050
Stock# 4267

1958 Guild X-350 Stratford
Great condition, pretty rare Guild archtop electric. This 3 pickup model has a Spruce top with Maple back and sides. Features push botton pickup selection ala the dashboard on your 56 Chevy, and has the original case. Sunburst finish looks great and has minimal fading. Brazilian Rosewood fretboard has a beautiful grain pattern as well. Very similar to an Epiphone Emperor Regent and has all the bells and whistles, right down to the bound F holes!
Price: $3799
Stock# 3634

1967 Guild X-500 Artist Award
Gorgeous and excellent condition vintage Guild X-500 model in a blonde finish. Factory special ordered with Artist Award upgrades including inlays and tailpiece. Slim neck perfect for chord melody or fast intricate lead work. Incredible jazz box with OHSC.
Price: $3499
Stock# 4139

1965 Harmony H 13
Mid 60's, 3 gold foil DeArmond's, all original, great flame on the top and comes with a hardshell case!
Price: $995
Stock# 2782

1960 Harmony H-75
Very cool 3 pickup model with tortoise shell headstock veneer. a real looker! Neck is a medium profile and feels nice. Overall guitar is in very good condition with some playwear here and there. Great USA made vintage guitar with a ton of tonal options!
Price: $1399
Stock# 4153

Harmony Rocket "Holiday"
Wow! Very cool 1960's Harmony Rocket sporting a 3 pickup configuration that sounds great! Very clean, excellent condition with the original SSC.
Price: $995
Stock# 3766

1950 Kay Sherwood Deluxe
Very cool Sherwood Deluxe from the 1950's. This vibey archtop is lots of fun to play, and certainly looks great. These Sherwood guitars had a unique connection to the quarter inch cable. That said it includes the cable with the correct connection. It also comes with a hard shell case. The neck is nice and big and it plays well . The pickup sounds good, nice woody tone,perfect for jazz uses.
Price: $1200
Stock# 4143

Kay Upbeat
1950's Kay Upbeat in nice condition. Spruce top and big Kay headstock. Replaced bridge. D shaped neck and fancy block inlays. Kleenex box pickup sounds great. Comes with gig bag.
Price: $1899
Stock# 4119

1960 Kustom K200A
nicks and dings,sounds awesome! non-original pups.
Price: $1199
Stock# 1273

2011 Michael Tuttle USA 60's T
Like new condition boutique Tele style guitar from renowned master luthier Michael Tuttle. Extremely playable Tele with an eye catching Fiesta Red finish in nitro with a 12" radius, Madagascar Rosewood fretboard on a Maple neck and a lightweight Ash body. Tuttle mini humbucker in the neck position and a 50's T in the bridge position. Bone nut, 6150 frets, Glendale bridge and G&G case.
Price: $2699
Stock# 4348


Price: $1099
Stock# 1777

1965 Mosrite Joe Maphis Double Neck
It doesn't get much cooler than this! Sunburst Joe Maphis 12/6 string double neck guitar in all original, excellent condition. This is one for the Mosrite enthusiast, or for the player looking to talk for hours about his guitar after a gig. This is one serious head turner, and it sounds fantastic to boot!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3525

1965 Mosrite The Ventures
Very cool Red Mosrite The Ventures model. Very good condition. Plays very nice and nails that 60's Southern California surf sound. Load on the the reverb and catch a wave!
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3523

1965 Mosrite The Ventures
Gorgeous sunburst finish on this very good condition Ventures model Mosrite. Plays very well, sounds fantastic and is about as cool as it gets in the looks department. Live that sunny beach party dream with this great example of a mid 60's Mosrite.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3524

1963 Mosrite Ventures
Nice and clean Ventures model in sunburst with Vibramute. Set up is nice and this guitar really plays well! All original and comes with the original case. This guitar is cool incarnate! The Vibramute dates this guitar to either 1963 or '64.
Price: $5200
Stock# 4213

1953 National 1100 California Blonde
This was National's take on the Gibson L-5, and it it gussied up to compete. Big block inlays, multi ply binding and premium woods, for National, and a big neck for getting all those jazz chords nailed. This one even has the cable to plug into the pickguard jack and it's original case.
Price: $1495
Stock# 3782

1953 National 1125 Dynamic
Great condition Archtop with pickup. Great sunburst finish, this well taken care of National is a wonderful vintage jazzbox at a very reasonable price point. Warm and woody! Comes with HSC.
Price: $1195
Stock# 3850

1964 National Glenwood 98 Map
1964 Glenwood 98. Don't be fooled, this guy is sporting two standard single-coils, not HB's, as well as a pickup mounted in the bridge itself. Control set up are three Tone knobs, three Volume knobs, and a selector switch control the pickups, and a Master Volume is located near the jack. Tuners are Grover Rotomatics rounded out with a factory Bigsby vibrato.This one comes with the OHSC (thank goodness!)
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3533

National Newport 88
Excellent condition Res-O-Glass Newport 88 in black! This guitar is an exciting collector's piece and is also a phenomenal playing instrument. Jack White, eat your heart out! Comes with OHSC
Price: $3500
Stock# 2818

1964 National Studio 66
Res-o-Glass National with single pickup. Tailpiece has been pointed black to match the body finish. Neck feels good and this one has all the quirks and charm you'd expect from one of these snazzy old guitars. Comes with chip case.
Price: $949
Stock# 3548

Old Kraftsman Upbeat
This is one cool guitar! this dapper late 50's gem features a handsome hollowbody powered by 2 "kleenex box" pickups and a super cool silver sparkle pickguard. Neck is nice and chunky without being overly so and features a bound fretboard with rounded block inlays. Action is low and easy to play.
Price: $1595
Stock# 3935

Phantom Guitarworks Hollowbody Teardrop
This is a very nifty recreation of the famous Vox Teardrop guitar. The Phantom Guitarworks bought the Phantom name and went to town on recreating in exacting details these very cool and highly sought after old guitars. This is a hollowbody Teardrop with 3 single coil pickups and a Bigsby style vibrato. Comes with hard shell case.
Price: $600
Stock# 4098

Phantom Guitarworks Phantom 12 string
Phantom Guitarworks' wonderful 12 string version of their Vox Phantom throwback. Chimey and wonderful sounding guitar, sure to immediately stir up the psychedelic sound of late 60's London. Put on your Savile Row best and arpeggiate some chords! Comes with case.
Price: $899
Stock# 4100

1986 Rickenbacker 325
Very clean 325. Vibrato tailpiece works great. Great jangle-y sound. Channel your inner Lennon with this super cool model. Jetglo finish looks great and the 3 pick up configuration make a number of tonal options available at the flick of a switch. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2250
Stock# 3538

1966 Rickenbacker 345
Very good condition, 3 toaster pickups, vibrato, Fireglo finish, original case. One of the best sounding and playing Ric's we've had in.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3477

1966 Rickenbacker 360
Excellent condition Fireglow with original gray case.
Price: $4995
Stock# 2051

Rickenbacker 366-12 Convertable
Great condition with original case.
Price: $4100
Stock# 1145

1960 Silvertone 1425
Excellent condition single pickup hollowbody. Guitar plays well and has low action. Woody tone with that extra little something funky that you can only get on an old Harmony or Silvertone guitar. Very fun old vintage box!
Price: $1199
Stock# 4140

1966 Silvertone 1450 Hornet
Great condition solid body Silvertone with lipstick pickups and a nice chunky neck. Tone is great on this one with a warm round sound coming from the neck pickup. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $799
Stock# 3844

1960 Silvertone 1454
Very nifty vintage 3 pickup gold foils with Bigsby. Plays great, has lost a couple of knobs along the way, but still is adjustable. Great way to get into an American made vintage guitar and not break the bank! Comes with chip board case.
Price: $1299
Stock# 4141

2013 The Loar LH-319-VS
Brand new carved archtop with 2 P-90's
Price: $699
Stock# 1885

1980 Tokai Strat-style
Excellent condition and a very high quality Japanese made Strat knock off in a gorgeous Ice Blue Metallic finish. Plays and sounds great, no dead spots and priced to move. This is a real winner!
Price: $499
Stock# 4283


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