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1972 Fender 2000 Model
All original, incredible sounding and functioning steel. This thing is resonant and all there. Comes with original case.
Price: $1395
Stock# 3993

1915 Gibson F-2
Original varnish finish. Very good condition. Call for in hand description.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3202

1980 Gibson RV-350 Mastertone Banjo
Great condition, sounds fantastic. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $2499
Stock# 3303

1923 Gibson Style A
Gorgeous Loar era Style in excellent condition. Loud, rich voice on this instrument. Plays beautifully and comes with the original hardshell case.
Price: $3195
Stock# 4199

1914 Gibson A-1
Very nice condition, all original with original case. Rings like a bell over the entire fretboard. Gorgeous vintage Gibson Mando!
Price: $1950
Stock# 4248

Dobro California Girl
Lightly used all steel Dobro with gorgeous powder coat graphics and sassy lassie of a gal on the back. Equipped with a pickup and a round neck which makes this great guitar extremely versatile. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1500
Stock# 4375

1950 Magnatone Lyric double 8 String
Super cool retro steel! This one is oozing midcentury charm from the clear knobs, to the sleek low profile and clean lines to the metal logo. Absolutely stunning little steel and a double neck 8 string to boot. Sounds great and functions perfectly. Very cool piece of gear!
Price: $1099
Stock# 4158

1950 Martin Style 0
Very nice condition Martin style 0 Uke from the '50's. Beautiful and toneful Mahogany make this an ideal vintage piece that's affordable for the player and collector alike.
Price: $850
Stock# 3151

2016 National NRP 14
Our new NRP-14 fret model captures the look and feel of an original 14 fret National Duolian. The thin-gauge steel body is highlighted by rolled "f" holes, a formed back, and period-correct, traditional ribbed coverplate. Each body is hand painted to capture the look of the originals. Each mahogany neck clears 14 frets to the body and features an unbound ebony fretboard complete with mother-of-pearl position markers. Vintage-style plain tuners, ebony nut, and "National" stamped headstock complete the look of this classic.
Price: $2500
Stock# 3650

1933 National Triolian 12 fret
12 fret, slot head, very loud and biting tone with rich harmonics and excellent feel. Cone has been replaced. Call for more details. Comes with case.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3870

1928 National Style 2 1/2
This gorgeously engraved National Style 2 1/2 is a brilliant sounding tricone square shouldered resonator that lives up to hype. It sounds every bit as glorious as you hoped it would just from looking at. The condition is impeccable and it's hard to believe its not a modern reissue given the shine on this thing. Comes with a well worn original hard case.
Price: $3295
Stock# 4366

2013 Recording King RK-R20 recording King Songster
New! Mahogany Resonator,Mahogany Neck, Rolled Brass Tone ring,Nickel Plated Flange,Bound Rosewood,Nickel Plated Hardware.
Price: $449.99
Stock# 2022

2013 Recording King RK-025-BR
New! Open back 5 string banjo, dot inlay,black peghead overlay with block logo.
Price: $549.99
Stock# 2021

1950 Rickenbacker Model 100 Lap Steel
Excellent condition with original case.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 1598

1950 Rickenbacker BD-6
Excellent condition. Comes with OHSC and headstock cover. Bakelite frets, beautiful piece overall. 1950's. All original.
Price: $1199
Stock# 3831

1940 Rickenbacker Electro NS Grey Burst
Near mint condition 1940's pre war Rickenbacher electro lap steel. Very cool Grey burst finish with the original case, also is excellent condition.
Price: $750
Stock# 3975

Sho Bud The Professional
Dual 10 string necks, one pickup changed out to a George L.
Price: $2500
Stock# 3263

1940 Supro Supro 60 Amp in case
Nice condition late 30's, early 40' model 60 Lap Steel complete with original amp in case. This one's finish is a bit more worn that the other model 60 we have, hence the price difference. Great sounding steel and very, very cool!
Price: $549
Stock# 3423

2013 The Loar LM-520 VS
New! Hand carved F Style,maple back and sides,spruce top.
Price: $549.99
Stock# 2020

2013 The Loar LM-220
New! All solid wood: maple back and sides (hand carved),spruce top.Killer A style mandolin.
Price: $399.99
Stock# 2019

Weissenborn Style 1
1920's/30's Koa wood, real deal Weissenborn. This one is a featherweight, as most are, and is in excellent condition and is all original. Tone is incredible with a dry, airy piano-like quality that is nuanced and delicate while still creating a lot of volume. This is a wonderful example of a highly sought after, exquisitely beautiful instrument.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 3936





Fender | Gibson | Collings | Others


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