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Acoustic Guitar

2006 Collings OM2HA SB
Like new condition OM 2 with Adirondack top, herringbone inlay, Indian Rosewood back and sides, and sunburst finish. Very clear and articulate voice that holds together well when strummed hard, yet is open enough to bloom with fingerpicked passages. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3600
Stock# 4364

1970 Ernie Ball Earthwood
1970's era Ernie Ball Earthwood acoustic in very nice shape. These are very interesting guitars and are not seen that much. Very deep body, big, jumbo size and a huge sound. Action is nice and low, and this one sounds like nothing else. Just a wonderful guitar and with personality plus!
Price: $1499
Stock# 4350

1997 Gibson CL-35
This is a great playing workhorse of a guitar. Cutaway with a pickup, rosewood back and sides with Sitka top, and a handsome and tasteful abalone trim and multiply binding. Rich and warm sounding with lice, low action. Comes with non original hard case.
Price: $1299
Stock# 4386

1956 Gibson J-45
Extremely clean condition of this exceptionally voiced J-45. This guitar is exhibting very light weather checking and that is pretty much the end of the story. The neck is a medium chunky C shape that is easy to play and really nice. It's a neck that begs the question why can't they all be like this? Sound is balanced with a strong midrange and great articulation. Comes with a hard case.
Price: $5799
Stock# 4361

1938 Gibson L-00
Fantastic condition pre war Gibson L-00 in a sunburst finish. This guitar is something absolutely special. Very big, dry, woody, complex, articulate, you name it, this one has it. Truly an exceptional instrument. All there. No surprises. With non original hard case.
Price: $4500
Stock# 4351

1946 Gibson L-50
Vintage L-50 Archtop with trapezoid inlays. In nice condition with an outstanding neck profile that has some girth and chunk. Really neat guitar to have around the house or as a trusted writing partner. Comes with HSC
Price: $1550
Stock# 4363

1958 Gibson LG-2 3/4
Pretty darn clean, and really fun little gem from Gibson. This LG-2 3/4 actually sounds great and for it's size, its a monster. Really an inspiring little guitar and would be an ideal songwriting tool or a guitar to keep in reach at all times. So nifty and old too! 1958, but you'd never know it from looking at that factory fresh shine it's got! Comes with non original chip case.
Price: $2650
Stock# 4385

1949 Gibson LG-3
This LG-3 has been played, and played, and...played. But all the wear and patina on this well loved guitar make it all the cooler and it has a rich, warm and articulate voice.
Price: $2750
Stock# 4362

1941 Gibson Recording King Jumbo
This Gibson made Recording King branded Jumbo sized guitar was originally manufactured for sale in Montgomery Ward department stores. This gorgeous beast is what the new Waterloo Collings guitars are based off of. This original feature Rosewood back and sides and a huge V neck. The sound is rich and dry and rife with harmonic content. Truly a glorious instrument and a fine piece of Gibson history. Comes with case.
Price: $4900
Stock# 4372

1964 Gibson Southern Jumbo
Excellent condition 64 SJ with a very rich and vibrant original dark sunburst finish. The neck is very inspiring on this particular example. It is slim and wide and invites hours of playing. Sound is nice and snappy with a really round bass and a nice crisp upper range. Comes with case.
Price: $3895
Stock# 4357

1970 Ibanez Concord
This is a lawsuit era Ibanez made in Japan Gibson Hummingbird knock off. Black finish makes this one quite a looker and for the money the quality to value ratio on these old Ibanez's are high. Comes with a HSC and a boatload of cool factor.
Price: $649
Stock# 4354

1948 Martin 0-15
Great little Martin! All Mahogany and sounds crisp and dry. Ideal guitar for songwriting and recording in very nice condition. These little gems are really getting harder and harder find in good condition and this one has it all is spades! Comes with hard case.
Price: $3200
Stock# 4373

1941 Martin 0-17
This one could almost be mistaken for a new guitar. It's that clean. This is a great guitar for the Martin enthusiast, or serious collector of prime examples of vintage instruments. Sounds is nice and dry with a smooth top end that is really inspiring. Despite it's looks it does sound played in, but obviously it was played carefully and treasured.
Price: Please call!
Stock# 4384

1956 Martin 0-18
Very nice condition O-18. HAs some honest playwear but nothing substantial to mention. This one is all there with a dry, articulate sound that only old man time can bestow upon a truly glorious box. Comes with an aftermarket HSC.
Price: $2950
Stock# 4356

1968 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp

Price: Please call!
Stock# 4369

1968 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp
Super clean, early silverface with the dripedge and blackline faceplate. All original except for normal maintenance stuff, resistors, tubes, etc... Fully serviced and sounds glorious. Truly one of the all time great amps and with all the internal circuitry of a true Blackface these dripedge SF amps are a deal!
Price: $2299
Stock# 4370

2016 Analog.man Dual Delay
One of the best analog delays on the market. This unit has two delays that can be toggled over for two presets. Fat, huge, psychedelic, dreamy, slapback...this does it all
Price: $200
Stock# 4381

1990 Electro Harmonix Q-Tron
Big box Q-tron from the 90's. Killer envelope filter, go from total funk to Mysterious Ways. Big, analog goodness.
Price: $139.99
Stock# 4382

2016 T Rex Replica
Barley used with box. One of the best newer delays on the market. Incredible warmth and clarity!
Price: $170
Stock# 4379

2017 T Rex Replicator
Coolest delay on the market, period! All analog tap tempo tape delay with 3 selectable heads in a road rugged package designed for a pedal board. What the what?! This thing is incredible.
Price: $899
Stock# 4380

2016 Trophy FX Fall Out Cloud
One of the best Big Muff clones on the market. This thing goes beyond Triangle and Ram's Head into the Op Amp territory and gets jagged a wild and creamy and huge. Highest quality boutique effect in a killer package.
Price: $205
Stock# 4383
Electric Guitar

Fender American Standard Telecaster Left Handed
Cool newer American Standard Tele finished in black and made with the southpaw in mind. All stock, maple fretboard with OHSC.
Price: $849
Stock# 4367

Fender Custom Shop 1955 NOS Stratocaster
Like brand new! 2 tone sunburst with a really nicely done neck carve. It's a bigger profile almost with a D shape. Really spot on appointments and the sound is classic early Strat. Nails Buddy Holly rhythm jangle and gets great, biting leads. Such a neat guitar. Feels like you just fired up the flux capacitor and stepped out of your DeLorean with this thing! Comes with OHSC and COA
Price: $2899
Stock# 4377

Fender Custom Shop 1960 Relic Stratocaster
Like new, very nifty custom order 60 relic with a maple fretboard. Olympic white with mint guard is a color scheme no one can deny. Both classic and impossibly cool at the same time. The neck is worn to perfection with rounded edges and an unparalleled feel. Comes with OHSC and COA.
Price: $2850
Stock# 4376

2008 Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour Relic Stratocaster
Mint condition, collector's grade 1st edition Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour Relic Stratocaster. Every detail has been exectly reproduced by Fender to reflect all the modifications and personal touches that David has bestowed on his numero uno Strat over the years. Comes with Original case, also in impeccable condition and all the case candy and COA, including a full color book describing the history of David's guitars and the small tremolo arm. Very cool guitar!
Price: $3800
Stock# 4371

1973 Fender Mustang
This one has all the vintage vibe you could ask for. The finish on this Competition Red Mustang has gracefully faded out to a warm orange color and exhibits some really handsome checking and wear overall. The set up is really nice and it plays great. Sounds fantastic as well. Comes with a gig bag.
Price: $1799
Stock# 4353

2004 Gibson ES-137 Classic
Very cool modern era Gibson model. Think about a semi-solid version of a ES-175 in a thin, but too thin thinline. Dual 57 classic humbuckers sound rich and articulate. Maple center block adds a nice bitey top end making this the ideal workhorse guitar with the ability to go from warm and woody to bright and brash. Finished in a very rare and super cool silver metallic. Comes with HSC
Price: $1750
Stock# 4365

1988 Gibson ES-335 Custom
This is a very rare bird indeed folks! This exceptional ES-335 is in a relatively rare Ebony finish, which would be noteworth on it's own, but this one got the full Ebony treatment by Gibson, with the addition of an Ebony fret board. The dot inlays keep it is classic, but this certainly feels like a special 335. A little extra snap on the attack and a beautiful sounding set of humbuckers. Slim profile is nice and rounded on the back for a really nice feeling neck. Frets are in great shape and the binding has assumed a nice yellowed out patina which compliments the black finish beautifully. Comes with case.
Price: $3195
Stock# 4352

2015 Gibson Flying V
This special run Flying V was made in the USA for the Japanese market. This Polaris White finish is sporting late 60's features like a headstock volute and witch hat knobs. This one is in brand new condition. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1799
Stock# 4359

Gibson Johnny A Signature
The Johnny A model has really become one of the coolest modern era Gibson electrics. Such a cool take on the traditional semi-hollow design with a really exciting and sharp aesthetic that is at once thoroughly modern while feeling like it could have just as easily stepped out of 1958. This particular example is nice and clean, with light play wear and a stop tail rather than the more common Bigsby model. This one has the OHSC.
Price: $3650
Stock# 4360

1991 Gibson Les Paul Custom Custom Shop
Very cool Les Paul Custom in a nicely yellowed out white finish with a very cool, very limited edition Custom Shop LP Custom with Super 400 fretboard inlays. The Diagonal split blocks look very handsome on this wonderful guitar. Also sporting 1st year issue 57 Classics and is a featherweight as far as Les Paul Customs go. This one weighs in at a svelte 9lbs 4 oz. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $3850
Stock# 4355

1977 Gibson RD Artist Custom
3 tone sunburst, ebony fretboard with block inlays, multi ply bound headstock with spirit inlay, Moog electronics and Duncan zebra in the bridge position. Plays great and sounds awesome. One of the coolest rock and roll guitars ever designed! Excellent condition. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1799
Stock# 4368

2016 Gretsch White Falcon G6139T CBDC
Brand new thinline body White Falcon with a solid Spruce center block and a double cutaway body. Very handsome and sounding great with the Filtertron pickup and Bigsby. Gold to the bone! Comes with Factory hard shell case.
Price: $2999
Stock# 4374
Mando, Lap Steel, Dobro, etc.

Dobro California Girl
Lightly used all steel Dobro with gorgeous powder coat graphics and sassy lassie of a gal on the back. Equipped with a pickup and a round neck which makes this great guitar extremely versatile. Comes with OHSC.
Price: $1500
Stock# 4375

1928 National Style 2 1/2
This gorgeously engraved National Style 2 1/2 is a brilliant sounding tricone square shouldered resonator that lives up to hype. It sounds every bit as glorious as you hoped it would just from looking at. The condition is impeccable and it's hard to believe its not a modern reissue given the shine on this thing. Comes with a well worn original hard case.
Price: $3295
Stock# 4366


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